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Instant crashing?

crash modded game load order check mod organizer 2 windows 10 steam nvse fallout: new vegas new vegas

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Fallout New Vegas is crashing at launch.

Steam says game files are fine, LOOT by way of MO2 (mod organizer 2) gives the all clear for load oder check.

NSVE has been set for the launch option.


Running the game on STEAM on windows 10, with windows 7 game compatibility mode, NVIDIA says all drivers are up to date.

I'm also running the UIO plugin for resolving user interface conflicts.


Besides the curse of "The Weapon Mod Menu trapping you inside Doc Mitchell's house once any new games start, because his front door won't trigger right, so that one mod must disabled when starting any new game" thing, why is my game crashing?






00 DLC: TribalPack ESM

01 DLC: OldWorldBlues ESM

02 DLC: MercenaryPack ESM

03 DLC: LonesomeRoad ESM

04 DLC: HonestHearts ESM

05 DLC: GunRunnersArsenal ESM

06 DLC: DeadMoney ESM

07 DLC: ClassicPack ESM

08 DLC: CaravanPack ESM

09 A World of Pain ESM

10 Functional Post Game Ending 1-51 ESM

11 The Strip Open ESM

12 YUP - Base Game and All DLC ESM [disabled for testing]





13 Alternative Start 1.5

14 Lil' Slugger (Ultimate)

15 Caps On Startup 50000

16 XP Faster 10

17 Expert Cowboy

18 FNV- Impact Grenades - Replacer

19 firebomb explodeon impact

20 Legendary NPCs and Weapons2-0

21 Legendary NPCs and Weapons 2-3

22 Light Battle Rifle v1.0

23 Skip Dead Money V1_3

24 Ravens give XP v1

25 SPECIAL points Cheat v1a

26 Obvious BOS Bunker

27 True Power Armor

28 Limitless Stats 1.21

29 Unlimited Traits

30 M1 Garand and ammo conversion

31 Grunt Perk Expanded

32 Reload Animation Fix v1-0

33 Reload Reloaded 1-4-1

34 Supercharged-Traits

35 YTs TraitsV1

36 NV Uncut 1-5 and 7 Merged

37 Wild Wasteland Checklist (New Vegas Uncut 5 support)

38 EVE v1.18

39 AWOP Weapon Mod Patches5

40 JIP LN NVSE Plugin

41 JIP Improved Recipe Menu

42 BayK's Weapon Pack 2-1

43 BayK's Weapon Pack Unofficial Patch

44 Snow Globe Quest v1-0

45 Easy Caravan 1-0

46 EasyCaravanCards1-0

47 LAER HP increase 1-0

48 Explorer Perk No Locations 1-0

49 GameSettings Tuner 1-21 [disabled at start for new game]

50 Carry Weight 50000

51 More Perks Merged

52 A better That Gun 1_4

53 Uniques and Items With all dlc

54 Lighter Gold Bars

55 Cowboy melee requirement reduced

56 Faction Reputation Fixer

57 Honest Hearts Weight fix

58 Laser Machine Pistol - GRA (Plasma Defender reload)

59 Improved Regen Implant v1-01

60 Monocyte Breeder Implant Improved

61 Starterpack goodsprings

62 ST Traits and Perks v4_2

63 Laser Detonator Weapon

64 Boosted Skills effect

65 MF Holorifle

66 Inhuman Trait

67 Better Classic pack 1- 0

68 MCM

69 Just Mods Merged

70 DK BulletTime 115

71 The weapon mod menu

72 Weapon Mods Expanded v1_1_4






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That load order is not sorted correctly.

We REALLY need to see a "load order" as produced by "LOOT"; to include the main game and DLC files.  With modded games its the sequence, not merely the list of mods, which is the cause of many problems.  LOOT's sort gives a good first approximation, correcting the most obvious issues and is sufficient for most players.  You can make minor adjustments to the order and tell LOOT how to remember them.  It's in the on-line documentation under "Metadata".  Instructions on how to copy it's list for posting are in the "How to ask for help" article, and "Checklist Item #11' entry in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.

Please see the 'Vanilla Load Order' entry in the 'First Timer Advice' section; and the 'Common Game Problems' section of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.  

If the problem persists, then see either the 'Solutions to Starting the game problems' or the 'Solutions to "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) problems' sections in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.

I recommend anyone read the entire "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article to understand the differences between this game and others you may have experience with; especially if this is your first attempt to play a modded FNV or it's been more than a year since you last did so.





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Right. Fresh reinstall of LOOT, ran via MO2, and here's what I got:


LOOT data:

General Information


Masterlist Revision 4df4645

Masterlist Date 2019-07-08

Warnings 5

Errors 0

Total Messages 6

Active Plugins 80

Dirty Plugins 5

Total Plugins 80




  0  0     FalloutNV.esm
  1  1     DeadMoney.esm
  2  2     HonestHearts.esm
  3  3     OldWorldBlues.esm
  4  4     LonesomeRoad.esm
  5  5     GunRunnersArsenal.esm
  6  6     ClassicPack.esm
  7  7     MercenaryPack.esm
  8  8     TribalPack.esm
  9  9     CaravanPack.esm
 10  a     YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
 11  b     Functional Post Game Ending.esm
 12  c     AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
 13  d     NVStripOpen.esm
 14  e     YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
 15  f     SPECIAL points.esp
 16 10     EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp
 17 11     StripOpenMain.esp
 18 12     WeaponModsExpanded.esp
 19 13     NewVegasUncut 123457 Merged.esp
 20 14     Alternative Start.esp
 21 15     WMX-DLCMerged.esp
 22 16     WMX-EVE-AllDLCMerged.esp
 23 17     AWOP-WMX-EVE AllDLCMerged.esp
 24 18     BKWeaponPack.esp
 25 19     Legendary NPCs and Weapons.esp
 26 1a     Legendary NPCs and Weapons - Updt.esp
 27 1b     WMX-POPMerged.esp
 28 1c     BaykBugFix.esp
 29 1d     better that gun 223.esp
 30 1e     BoostedSkills.esp
 31 1f     Caps On Startup500000.esp
 32 20     Classicmorepower.esp
 33 21     DK_BulletTime_NV.esp
 34 22     EasyCaravan.esp
 35 23     WildWastelandChecklistNVU.esp
 36 24     More Perks Merged.esp
 37 25     Uniques and Items.esp
 38 26     Snow Globe Quest.esp
 39 27     LightBattleRifle.esp
 40 28     ObviousBOSBunker.esp
 41 29     EasyCaravanCards-58195.esp
 42 2a     ExpertCowboy.esp
 43 2b     Explorer Perk Revised - No Locations.esp
 44 2c     Firebombexplodeonimpact.esp
 45 2d     FNV- Impact Grenades - Replacer.esp
 46 2e     GameSettings.esp
 47 2f     Grunt Perk Expanded.esp
 48 30     Holorifle - MF Mod - Rifle Only.esp
 49 31     Honest Hearts Weight Check.esp
 50 32     hz_1 by 1 Reload Fix.esp
 51 33     Increased_LAER_HP.esp
 52 34     True power armor fonv.esp
 53 35     StarterPackGS.esp
 54 36     JADinhuman1.esp
 55 37     JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
 56 38     JustModsMerged.esp
 57 39     Laser Detonator Weapon Conversion Kit.esp
 58 3a     lasermachinepistol-GRA (plasma defender reload).esp
 59 3b     MonocyteImplantImproved.esp
 60 3c     LFox Improved Regen Implant.esp
 61 3d     Lighter Gold Bars.esp
 62 3e     Lil' Slugger (Ultimate).esp
 63 3f     Limitless Stats.esp
 64 40     lowmeleecowboy.esp
 65 41     m1garandstandalonesemi.esp
 66 42     NV_STTraitsandPerks_Crunch - NVSE.esp
 67 43     RavenXP.esp
 68 44     Reload Reloaded.esp
 69 45     Reload Reloaded - Perks.esp
 70 46     ReputationFixer.esp
 71 47     Skip DLC - Dead Money.esp
 72 48     Supercharged Traits.esp
 73 49     that gun holdout.esp
 74 4a     The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
 75 4b     The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
 76 4c     Unlimited Traits.esp
 77 4d     weight50000.esp
 78 4e     XP_Faster_10.esp
 79 4f     YT's Traits.esp



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That is better.  A number of mods I am not familiar with, but none obviously a problem.


You don't mention the specific message about "Missing Masters", but it can't hurt to read the wiki "Missing Masters" article.

Exactly when does it crash upon launch?  Before you see the initial splash screen, after the splash but before the main menu, or after you select a "new game" or "load a saved game" option?  These (and other circumstances) are described in the 'Solutions to Starting the game problems' or the 'Solutions to "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) problems' sections in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.  They help to pin down the potential cause.


Anytime the game "Crashes to the Desktop" (CTD) it's typically going to generate an error message in the Windows Eventlog.  Please see the "Windows Error Messages" section of the wiki "How to read most Bethesda game error logs" article.


Never encountered or heard of the curse of "The Weapon Mod Menu trapping you inside Doc Mitchell's house once any new games start, because his front door won't trigger right.  If you have a "work around", that's fine.  But I would say you have a mod conflict, which is probably contributing to your crash.


You don't list any of the bug fix mods that do not show up in the "load order", such as those listed in the 'Towards Game Stability' section of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.  You need them and their log files should be examined for "error" entries.


Please see the wiki "HUD-UI-Menu issues" article.  You need to install such mods in a particular order.


An up-to-date Win10 should not need to run FNV in Win7 compatibility mode.  It is no longer advised since the Win10 April 2018 Update (aka "1803" or "Redstone 4").





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If it helps at all, my graphics card is:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

and I AM using the "GEFORCE EXPERIENCE" app for optimization; the auto settings placed NV at ultra maximum for every check.

The game crashes before I see the initial splash screen (the part JUST before the Bethesda logo shows up, right after the engine copyright screen). I've just ran FNVEdit to clean the files LOOT marked for cleaning.



ALL base game ESM files (Fallout NV, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners Arsenal, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack, Tribal Pack, Caravan Pack) are loaded and checked clear by FNVEdit.

All mod ESM files (YUP - Base Game + All DLC,  Functional Post Game Ending, A World Of Pain Preview, NV Strip Open)  are loaded and have been cleaned, checked and marked clear by FNVEdit.

All the remaining mod files have marked clear by FNVEdit without any warnings for cleaning or conflicts.

WINDOWS EVENT LOG - GENERAL looks like this:
Faulting application name: FalloutNV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e0d50ed
Faulting module name: FalloutNV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e0d50ed
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0028228a
Faulting process id: 0x302c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d53f73011eb487
Faulting application path: C:\Users\mylaptop\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\mylaptop\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe
Report Id: fac8049a-2bcf-4f89-a0b4-e993fb08c7f0
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

WINDOWS EVENT LOG - DETAILS looks like this:

- System


- Provider


[ Name] Application Error


- EventID 1000


[ Qualifiers] 0


Level 2


Task 100


Keywords 0x80000000000000


- TimeCreated


[ SystemTime] 2019-07-21T03:18:53.949415700Z


EventRecordID 15043


Channel Application


Computer mylaptop





- EventData










C:\Users\mylaptop\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe

C:\Users\mylaptop\Desktop\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe




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"C:\Users" is "system protected" against programs running from there, as it is a place malware can always locate and write into.  Suggest instead you create a "C:\Games" folder and move it there.    That new folder will inherit the "File and Folder permissions" on the parent "root" folder.  If this new folder is not set correctly to allow at least "System", "Administrators", and "Users" to have "Full Control" then you can't overwrite other files or make changes.  You then need to enable the "Properties | Security | Advanced | Change Permissions" setting of the parent folder to enable the box: "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object", so those changes get applied to the existing files and sub-folders. 


Once you have moved it, see if you get the "Windows Exception code: 0xc0000005" again.  The "Faulting Application" is often the victim of another program rather than the actual culprit, making it virtually impossible for the user to trace the source.  Any recent update since the last time it was working correctly is suspect, as are viruses even if you have anti-virus (AV) running.  Run AV from multiple sources when checking for infections.  There are a number of free online scanners on the internet (though they are all going to try to sell you their services after the first time).

You may need to exclude FNV from "Data Execution Protection (DEP)" and configure " Windows Defender Exploit Guard (WDEG)".  Please see "Issue - NVSE - fails to load after update KB4058043 to Win10 FCU v1709" under the 'Solutions to Starting the game problems' section of the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" article.

Try turning off any unnecessary background processes, such as "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" programs (unneeded if you are running your game in "offline" mode once you have scanned since the last connection), multiplayer "overlays" like "OverWolf" (this is single-player after all), the Steam overlay, etc., at least on a temporary basis to see if they are interfering.  There are also tools (often called "Game Boosters") to help you determine "unnecessary when offline" Windows services you can temporarily shut down.





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OK, moved Steam into C:/Games and am running NSVE without mods, base game and DLC only.
All clear.
now to try one at a time... so far all ESMs give the clear! no crashing yet!
ESPs are being checked...




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I think I found the problem possibly:
After moving Steam into C:/games and re downloading New Vegas GOTY, I started testing each mod one by one to see if I crashed before the logo.



"A better That Gun 1_4"

"A World of Pain"

"Alternative Start 1.5"

"BayK's Weapon Pack 2-1"

"BayK's Weapon Pack Unofficial Patch"

"Better Classic pack 1- 0"

"Boosted Skills effect"

"Caps On Startup 500000"

"Carry Weight 50000"

"COTW 2-0"

"Cowboy melee requirement reduced"

"DK BulletTime 115"

"DLC: CaravanPack"

"DLC: ClassicPack"

"DLC: DeadMoney"

"DLC: GunRunnersArsenal"

"DLC: HonestHearts"

"DLC: LonesomeRoad"

"DLC: MercenaryPack"

"DLC: OldWorldBlues"

"DLC: TribalPack"

"Easy Caravan 1-0"


"Expert Cowboy"

"Explorer Perk No Locations 1-0"

"Faction Reputation Fixer"

"firebomb explodeon impact"

"FNV- Impact Grenades - Replacer"

"Functional Post Game Ending"

"Grunt Perk Expanded"

"Honest Hearts Weight fix"

"Improved Regen Implant v1-01"

"Inhuman Trait"

"JIP Improved Recipe Menu"

"LAER HP increase 1-0"

"Laser Detonator Weapon"

"Laser Machine Pistol - GRA (Plasma Defender reload)"

"Legendary NPCs and Weapons 2-3"

"Legendary NPCs and Weapons2-0"

"Light Battle Rifle v1.0"

"Lighter Gold Bars"

"Lil' Slugger (Ultimate)"

"M1 Garand and ammo conversion"

"MF Holorifle"

"Monocyte Breeder Implant Improved"

"More Perks Merged"

"NV Uncut 1-5 and 7 Merged"

"Obvious BOS Bunker"

"Reload Animation Fix v1-0"

"Skip Dead Money V1_3"

"Snow Globe Quest v1-0"

"SPECIAL points Cheat v1a"

"ST Traits and Perks v4_2"

"Starterpack goodsprings"


"The Strip Open"

"True Power Armor"

"Uniques and Items With all dlc"

"Unlimited Traits"

"XP Faster 10"

"YTs TraitsV1"

"YUP - Base Game and All DLC"

NO crashes up until this point.

MCM (The Mod Configuration Menu 1.15) for some reason caused the game to crash upon installation. The following mods and patches require MCM (The Mod Configuration Menu) to function or are impacted directly or indirectly via MCM:


MCM (The Mod Configuration Menu1.15)
Weapon Mods Expanded 1-1-4

EVE v1.18

Wild Wasteland Checklist (New Vegas Uncut 5 support)

Reload Reloaded 1-4-1
The weapon mod menu
GameSettings Tuner 1-21
Just Mods Merged




AWOP Weapon Mod Patches5 (additional patches for "A WORLD OF PAIN")

I installed "User Interface Organizer" to avoid eventual conflicts that might occur with UI mods once they have been installed. Once this tool was installed with MO2, by way of manual install, the game crashed even without MCM or related mods installed.



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I suspect you misunderstand the role of MCM and UIO.  The install sequence of HUD-UI-Menu XML files makes a difference.  Please see the wiki "HUD-UI-Menu issues" article.





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Did you sort the crashing problem out?


Here go my two cents: I couldn't make this game run in any compatibility mode other than Vista Service Pack 2.


Hope it helps.

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