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Crash after free roaming for a while, cannot return to ACC.

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After free roaming for around 2 hours, the game crashes to desktop after ~3 minutes, OR crashes when returning to to ACC. All my free roams and missions before this worked fine.


I installed all mods after completing A Heroes Way, and I'm currently on Where Do The Bees Sleep.


I'm using

  • Infinite heaven
  • S plus plus soldiers mod (gradual)
  • New female faces and hairs
  • Cure asthma for female soldiers
  • Anyone's MGSV improvements: new deployment missions and reduced times
  • Anyone's MGSV improvements: reduced development time
  • Anyone's MGSV improvements: No rank restriction & soldiers can receive Medal of Honor
  • Camo consistency
  • Morbid's side-op expansion pack
  • Diamond girls
  • Outfit refitting all in one

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with one or more of these mods. Since it crashes after a few minutes, or when I return to the ACC I think it crashes when the game tries to "cash in" my collected stuff to Mother Base.


EDIT: Found out side ops expansion and diamond girls dont play nice with infinite heaven patrols and wildcard soldiers. Fixed by disabling Infinite Heaven patrols and wilcard soldiers.

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Thank you for writing solve for this problem. I have the same issue. 


Thank you very much :)

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