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Creation Engine and texture sizes (limitation?)

creation engine textures size

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does anybody know, how well the engine can handle bigger texture file sizes? Best example would be the official DLC Pack, which causes for many people a huge performance impact.

Now the question is, is this performance impact an issue with hardware of the people or is it an engine limitation? If it is an engine limitation, what is the border of it / when is it too much?


Has anyone done some tests?



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Old old thread, found it in my unread email I'm trying to catch up on, and assuming it's unanswered...


Regarding the HD-DLC or similar HD-Texture packs it's a Hardware Limitation, assuming everything is saved in the correct format, scaling, and packed into a BA2 properly. 

When files are loose, improperly saved (no mipmaps or incorrect etc.), as I understand it, it can be both a Hardware Limitation and apparently a engine limitation, as the instability / performance lose occurs on higher end hardware that can usually chew through the game without breaking a sweat.

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