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[WIP] Glass Half Full

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As I start to work on my next Fallout 4 mod project I figured I'd announce something more about it. If Arlen's one of your favorite characters, you may like this one.
This isn't going to be a very large mod so rest assured it is totally doable, but it will feature a mini-series of quests, a new smaller faction (nothing on the scale of the big 4 though and no, you won't be able to invade the Institute with them), a new underground compound to discover and 3 new companions (at least 1 can be romanced, but none of them will take up a vanilla companion slot). The player dialog will be fully voiced by recycling the many lines used in the vanilla+DLC content, there's something for almost any scenario if you look hard enough. The story starts off as a follow-up to completing Arlen Glass' vanilla quests and his departure from the Slog (or his murder if you choose that route).
Arlen Glass has disappeared, left the Slog (or the hero/other NPCs have murdered him). Raiders from a Commonwealth gang "The Undying" are now harassing the Slog ghoul settlement looking for Arlen Glass to collect on a debt. Not much is known about them or even where exactly they come from, but unlike other raider gangs they have an exceptional arsenal of weaponry, are known to accept ghouls, runaway (Gen-3) or reprogrammed (Gen-1 and 2) synths and even super mutants into their ranks and most people agree - they are NOT to be trifled with. As General of the Minutemen (or perhaps you're just passing through?), you're to visit the Slog and find a way to settle this matter before things get totally out of hand.
What's needed?
While I can do most of the mod on my own by cutting corners or doing stuff like having silent characters with only subtitles/lips, I'd rather not do that, I'm aiming for the quality done in Marked For Termination and Father Companion quest mods. So here are some positions that may be available:
- interior designers (there will be an underground compound serving as a base of operations for the Undying gang)
- reskinners (hopefully we can give the raiders a more unique look that won't copy from either the random raiders or Nuka-World)
- voice actors (feel free to send random auditions too, I may just decide to mold a character around you instead of the other way around)
specific roles open for:
a) tough talking male (a debt collector in charge of the squad of raiders sent to harass the Slog)
b) Slog resident (ghoul female)
c) super mutant (powerful brute but not too smart, though maybe a little smarter than Strong, note that voices can be enhanced to be deeper)
d) narrator (a short ending cinematic in the style of a Fallout 3 slide may be added depending on player choices)
e) Arlen Glass (wouldn't be an Arlen Glass mod without Arlen Glass and he doesn't have much dialog to recycle)
- you need to be able to pull off a frail old ghoul guy for this, for continuity, you have to voice all lines even if there's already something similar in the vanilla files)
for other voice acting roles, ask me privately
- co-writer: the story is short, but it's not set in stone, so if you wanna be my co-worker or just bring some ideas to the table, you can join as well. I only ask that you keep things within the lore and not leak spoilers. No spoilers will be posted here, you must be part of the team to find out more. (one of my biggest regrets is that I gave everything away in the description for my last mod instead of letting player find out for themselves or have it be a community effort)
- advisor: the responsibility of an advisor is to help with the general direction of the mod and also identify easy to use resources (modder's resources, "royalty free" music etc.) fitting the mod
I've done previous work on other mods, so look me up if you wanna know how I do things.


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