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NWN files and permissions

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Hey, I would like to upload files here, yet the what Ive read about rules here troubles me. I would like to reassure I understood it correctly, because in NWN community these rules are really hard to follow.

If person A from NWN community made some texture or anything but never released it here at nexus, can I reuse this file in my compilation without permission from that person?

This is quite important as the NWN modding community is almost dead and most of these older builders left the community and there is no way to contact them anymore (they either didnt left their email on vault, or its not public - vault is broken and emails doesnt work from it and never will be again).

Specifically, I am creator of the NWN unofficial patch and I have used many stuff from other community members. I tried to ask as many as possible peoples their work Ive used, but I got spoken permission from only one of them which is still around. I havent heard any complaints from those who couldnt respond or didnt get my message though. This applies on files like icons improvements or recolors and some model fixes. Still 95% content is my unique work or someone else specifically for this project. I also "stolen" some ideas from work of others, yet since I can script on my own I redid that work on my own, differently but its same idea - how does nexus follow on this?

I gave all these peoples credits in readme included with the project, but acquire permissions is in NWN community next to impossible. Does it mean I cannot distribute my project here?



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I'm no moderator, but according to this explanation by a moderator, in answer to some similar questions, if you're talking about files that were originally posted by their authors as modders' resources, then that means they did give their permission for the files to be used in other releases, and you don't need to seek additional specific permission to use them.

Mods that are distributed by their author as a "modder's resource" are, in fact, free for (non-comercial) use by all who wish to do so. Our own The Vampire Dante has published several such mods for Morrowind/Oblivion. In those cases, the permission for use by others is granted, in advance, in the appropriate documentation (Description, Readme, etc.)

If, on the other hand, you extracted new resources from, say, an adventure module, and the author didn't mention in her readme that it was okay to reuse them, then you would have to get permission.

This is why I really wish every author would include a simple line like "Use these items freely" or "Use it, but credit me", etc.

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Personally, anything I create and upload is free to distribute so long as credit is given. I insist on the credit part because to my mind it is common decency to do so and I always credit others in my mods, even if what I used was heavily modified. I even credit the creators of the tools I used, like import/export scripts for max etc.

I am not sure what files you are referring to but I will extend my permission to use any of my mods so long as I am credited. So far as I remember I only uploaded one mod for nwn to the vault in the form of my head and underwear pack which I believe was quite popular. Please additionally credit those that I credited in my writeup if do use my work. As for modders that are no longer active in the community I think you should be safe enough simply crediting them, I love seeing my work uploaded to other places to make it available to new communities and modders but I find it exceedingly offensive when I see my work floating about without credit given, or worse, being claimed as someone else's work. Many of the mods I created for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines were ripped off by other modders with no credit given and it was quite upsetting to see others claiming my hard work as their own. I think you will find most modders feel similarly, maybe add in your writeup that if any of the credited authors disapprove of their work being included that you would be happy to take it out at their request.

Also be careful that the files you upload are not ports from other games, this is illegal and will not be tolerated by the nexus according to its rules.

IMO, give credit and do as I suggested and I doubt you will have any problems.

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