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Mod request: Canon Jedi Dooku

dooku jedi deaged request

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Hey there,


A while ago I drew this, using the Dooku model from BF2 as a reference (see below).

(made him a brunette 'cause that's what they show him as in SW: Open Seasons, but let's be honest, Christopher Lee had black hair in his youth).


This is Dooku as he was in his youth, in canon SW lore. It's the Dooku we see on the cover of Dooku - Jedi Lost.

It's the same tunic we see in that vision Yoda has in Clone Wars, S06E12. We also see him in it in the recent Age of Republic - Dooku comic issue.


The edit is very basic. Literally combine the Deaged Dooku w/ beard mod with a  modified version of his tunic, no cape, and a blue lightsaber, same hilt.


Any chance we can get something like this? It wouldn't need any moves changes either, seeing as it's recently been revealed that he knew how to use Force Lightning before ever beeing a Sith.





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