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Mod request W/help. making Darth mauls robotic legs

mods darth maul kotor; help

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Darth Maul, proof that SW listens to its fans when bringing him back from the brink. Without going on a rant, Darth Maul is my favourite character along side Qui Gon, and I can suspend believe that the character in KOTOR 2 is Maul, maybe there was a worm whole he fell into and ta daa! Ebon Hawk. BUT! to make this the most epic thing ever, I would like to make the legs to on the character model. 


These Kind of legs: 






Not the crazy spider ones.


I used to make 3D models in my spare time, however that was a few years ago, and I have never made a mod (a lot of you have heard this before i am sure) I have looked up how to extract and replace models in KOTOR, (from this video: https://www.youtube....h?v=DPeUit0j5yY ). However I want to know how realistic it is that I could get the legs to actually work. Will I have to make the whole body? 


Anyone with knowledge on this please let me know. Also if anyone would like to help me get through this whole process that would be amazing! As I would like to do a lot of these type mods, however I would like a kind and gentle hand to guide me. 


Any and all comments, criticisms, advice and the rest is welcome. I honestly do not know if this mod is even possible on the KOTOR engine.


Thanks all  

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