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Switching my other fanfic over to my copyrighted work is going to take quite a time and effort so as much as my sake, as yours, I am doing this 'crazy bit of fiction'.



Game, and other, adapted influences that may appear along with Fallout.

3Dog Night

2001 a Space Odyssey

Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

Alien Versus Predator

Alienated Aliens, a Therapy Guide for Offworlders




Brady Bunch, The

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cannibal Gourmet, The

Captain Cosmos Adventures, The

Claptraps in Love


Dirty Harry and Clean Harriet

Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Done It


Duke Nukem

Elder Scrolls

Everybody Loves Ghoulie

Firefly (Serenity)

First Men in the Moon, The



Gary Gary Gary Show, The


Godzilla Tours Japan

Grognak the Barbarian

Happy Raiders Hour, The

I Robot

Invaders, The

Invisible Man, The

Leggo Fallout

Life and Times of a Radroach, The

Kim Possible

Manicures for Deathclaws


MissSexy's Erotic Tales

MrHandy's Handy Hints

MrGutsy's Anger Management Issues

Mutant in the Middle

Muppets, The

My Little Pony

My Supermutant Neighbour and I


Nukagirl Epic, The

Pipeguns, a Pipe Dream Come True

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Grapes (A Vegan Friendly Story)

Power Rangers



Radbeatles FabFiveDC, The

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Parking Space

Resident Evil

Resident Good

Resident Neutral

Revault, Rebellion in a TechVault, The

Run Away, the Wastelands Adventures of a Coward

Rusty, the Poor Power Armour Soldier

Sesame Street

Sherlock Holmes


Space 1999

Star Gate

Star Trek

Star Wars

Starship Troopers

Tail of Dogmeat, The

Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan of the Grapes (A Vegan Friendly Story)

Teletubbies, The

Terminator, The

Time Machine, The


Tomb Raider


Unstoppables, The


Very Stoppables, The

Visible Man, The

War of the Worlds

Wasteland Survival Guide, The

Wastelands Tourist Guide, The

Which One is the Synth? (Game Show)

Wigs for Ghouls




Zetan Adventures, The



PS: I sincerely apologise for some of the rather silly inclusions in the list above and I am deeply embarrassed by my actions and will probably, maybe, not do such a thing again.


Timeline of SuperEarth:


1977AD: Warday of atomic bombs, germ weapons and nerve gas. Destructive but for mysterious reasons not as much as it 'should have been' for most superweapons simply do not function or vanish. UFO activity is intense during this period.


1979AD: The first of the big underground construction programs begins in both the new UDSR and USPA; the programs are soon appearing in other nationstates such as the Federacy, Confederacy, Enclave and others. The TechCorps have arisen in the USPA.


1981AD: John Lenin convinces the SilverBeatles to come back together, all having survived Warday, to carry out a morale raising world tour of safe areas. It is sponsored by various governments and corporations to become a great success.


1983AD: Rise of the New United Nations, the NUN.


1990AD: Return of the Olympic Games but to always be held on Olympic Island and with a greatly reduced number of competing nations.


1991AD: Creation of NUN Peacekeepers, Carekeepers, Lawkeepers, Orderkeepers,  Naturekeepers and others.


1999AD: The day that one of the three secondary moons breaks away from orbit and begins a long voyage through space, causing a good deal of damage as it does. Why this happened remains a mystery.


2003AD: The people, of the biggest moon of Luna, declare their independence as a nationstate but become a full member of the NUN. They are the Lunar Republic.


2019AD: The first-final grand sales launch of the 'People Friendly Andbots' in the European Union starting the Andbot War.


2027AD: Tridoomsday!


To be expanded, edited, made crazier!

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Testing Troubleshooting Team Alpha One, TTTA1, prepared to depart through the Pretransformational Testing Gameworld Entering Interzone. The 13 naked young subadults were neuter of sex and blandly grey of skin colour being also hairless. They were exactly the same height and shapeform with only their individual Testing Troubleshooting Player Codes to identify them as individuals.

TTPA01, of the 13, entered the PTGEI first as was expected and the others followed from TTPA02 to TTPA13.

They entered the glowing, glimmering, shimmering and sparkling fog of multiple colours and vanished away. They picked up a few special extras on their way through the remarkable fog to?

They left the great cave complex behind where people struggled to eek out a living except for the elites and those that served them, often to keep the common masses suppressed. It was a troubling realm beset by many troubles.

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[1]2.1[2] Welcome to the City of Books

They fell to earth in an droppod that landed in the Wastelands of rubbled areas and not so damaged areas of what had been a city. In advanced survival power armour, light but strong with some useful enhancement of physical abilities plus some other survival tricks, the 13 of them moved carefully through the ruined city. There were plenty of scuttling cockroaches, of insects, but also oversized radroaches of quasiinsects.

Ellen, the team leader, stepped carefully over a line of small red ants and then squatted to pick up an almost empty NukaCola Original bottle. She examined it carefully before making it vanish away with a soft sparkling shimmer. It went somewhere special where it would be examined thoroughly.

Travis, being TTTA1-2 as team assistant leader, spoke through the helmet 2ways. "This was NewParis, known as the City of Books because of all of its massive libraries, archives and bookshops. There should be some good point scoring items to find here and valuable tradegoods."

Ellen raised her 3As1carbine with its three barrels, one of them being a lasergun while the other others fired bullets and grenadeshells or grenaderockets. Nine of the TTTAs had such weapons while the other three had a machinegun, a launchergun and a three lensbarrelled trilasergun.

She 2wayed. "They need books back home but not in the greedy hands of the elites. The commons needs them!"

Travis snorted. "The team would make bigger profits by selling to the elites so I say we do that and forget the sweaty, dirty, masses."

Ghant, TTTA-3 2wayed. "Travis, you know that the rest of the team support Ellen so just stop coming up with the subject of your personal greed and stop pretending your concerns are to do with the whole team."

Personality templates had been infused into the largely 'blank' clones, the personalities reflecting real individuals controlling the TTTAs from a special place. Unfortunately Travis was proving to be troublesome. Ellen had already reported him secretly to the Player Supervisors though she had not wanted to do so. Still, she did not want to get into trouble for not reporting him when she should have done so.

Suddenly Travis spoke with a smile in his voice. "Congratulations for just passing a difficult test and for reporting the false Travis as you all did but the false Travis, of course. The real Travis will replace me in five seconds. You have gained bonus individual and team rewards along with a surprise."

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[1]2.2[3] Welcome to the City of Books

Ellen fired off her 3as1carbine even as the radscorpion came smashing up out of the ground. The creature shuddered as it was struck by others firing bullets but also short lasting, pencil thin, laser beams. Then it was dead, lying still after some terrible shuddering.

Ellen, Sandri and Frosta took samples to place in their transdimensional inventories but Ellen also put some into their shared transdimensional inventory.

A row of shops faced them on one side of a sidestreet and, on the other, as darkness approached with the appearance of dusk. The radghouls, and worse the radghoulers, would soon be awakening and a few of them would emerge into the open though most staid underground even at night.

The distant, territorial howling, of a deathclaw reminded them that there were multiple types of threat in the Wastelands. It was most likely an alpha of a deathclaw pack trying to scare off other deathclaws and perhaps also other types of dangerous radbeasts such as mutibears and mirelurks. A large river ran through the metropolis that had started out as a university city built to replace one destroyed on Warday and that meant plenty of amphibious mirelurks were most likely lurking there.

They made their way into what had been a local diner where they settled down for a rest, while three were always on overlapping sentry duty. They all wanted to check up on what bonus rewards that they had gained along with the nature of the 'surprise' that was presented to them.

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[1]3.1[4] Bonus rewards and a surprise

None of them really trusted the mysterious ones sometimes whispered of as the Gamegods or any of the Gamefolk who served them as different classes, castes and as other catagorisations. They had not appreciated the way that they had been tested through the use of the false Travis, especially the true Travis. Though the bonus rewards were welcome, the surprise was something that experience taught them could be an unpleasant one for the Gamegods at times showed a twisted form of amusement.

In the diner, smashed up and decaying, they accessed the 'special console displays' that allowed them to utilise the rewards together. So it was that they upped all 'Abilities' from 2-of-100 to 3-of-100 being strength, endurance, speed, agility, perception, reaction and resistance. Then they upped the power armour usage perk from 1-of-20 to 2-of-20 that improved what they gained from using any kind of power armour.

For the team there was a randomling and a wishling but for the moment they were not used for such were best left for when they were really needed.

The surprise came in three parts, the first being a mobile transdimensional pocket outpost that went with them but which had limits that need to be expanded over time and with effort.

The surprise's second part was a list of specific books that they needed to collect, as a side quest, and the clue that came with the quest was a list of details of contacts, locations and other information. It was all to do with the City of Books.

The surprise was news that the elites, back home, had been overthrown by a democratic, constitutional based, government but just how good was the news really? The GameCaves had seen such political changes that promised much but which consistantly proved to be disappointing.

At any one time the team leader, and three others, could be in the mobile dimensional outpost. It had not much space, relatively multiplied time by 1.5 and some basic features such as utilities but no real luxuries. For the team leader the privilege, of always being able to go there, was matched by the need to fill out team paperwork and other special team leader type duties of a kind the others did not have the burden of. It was why such a one gained extra payment and a couple of positive bonuses.

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[1]4.1[5] Going Deeper into Bookcity

TTTA1 departed from the diner as the next dawn came even as radghoulants, of radghouls and radghoulers, began to withdraw into the down under darkness where they would spend most of their time in a strange semiconscious state of wary resting. Sometimes they were fully awake, being active, and sometimes they were fully asleep.

Radghoulmans were 'civilised' radghoulants being good, bad and nuetral but the team met none of those in the City of Books whose official name was Wizenburg. That name had hardly ever been used much to the annoyance of the very wealthy Wizenburg Family that had sponsored the construction of the metropolis with many US megabucks. The name of Bookcity was often used.

Their insuit devices picked up lifeforms but only generally harmless ones and those of a type who could not threaten them be that radroaches, radmolerats, radchickens, snapclaws or others. There were no rogue robotics in their area or at least they did  not pick up any. There were some dug up, disactivated and sabotaged landmines.

The large sign was a not so subtle clue that there was an organised settlement in amongst the ruins. It read, in five languages, including Esperanto, the following: BOOKBURG IS A FAIR RULE SETTLEMENT ZONE TO ALL WHO RESPECT ITS RULE OF LAW AND ITS LAW ENFORCERS; IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO DO SO THEN GO BACK OR AROUND, FOLLOWING THE YELLOW LINE OF LUMINOUS PAINT.

Having every intention, of respecting both Bookcity's rule of law  and law enforcers, the team moved past the sign and deeper into the ruined city. They did so cautiously and prepared for trouble. As they did they sensed that somebody was observing them but did not sense any immediate threat in that one.

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[1]5.1[6] At a Bookburg Borderpost

There were combat bodyarmoured type borderguards there armed with mostly smoothbore pipeguns more easily manufactured, and maintained, than were standard weapons but less effective. A few reclaimed Gunclub weapons were there along with other salvaged ones. Gunclub guns were stamped so on the butts. So .22LR shooters were there. There were also crossbows including modernised, quiet electric, speedbows. There being 25 Bookburg Borderguards, in the very fortified Border Outpost, indicated trouble was far too common. That and the signs of battle damage and often adhoc repairs.

Ellen gave a story of the team being from an unspecified place of hitech, a sanctuary that had survived Tridoomsday quite intact. She made it clear that mind suppression tricks had made it impossible for them to give up their secrets.

The Borderguard Customs Officer, who was both because of the lack of resources, shrugged and scratched his chin beneath his beard. "Don't give a damned about your 'secrets'. Do you have any legitimate reasons for coming to Bookburg of Bookcity. We have a market for outsiders but much of it is to do with books, no real surprise there."

Ellen move back-down her helmet to fully show her head. "We have a list of prearranged contacts to carry out the buying of a list of books and the trading of other items. At the top of our list is one Lady Sharene Wizenburg who we are to make known, that we are here, ASP!"

The man's attitude changed at once so that they became more alert and attentive. "You are very welcome to Bookburg and to the special zone, of Bookburg, known as Wizenburg. Beware the Bookrazors, fanatics who see all books as evil because the simple minded fools need a simplistic scapegoat. Otherwise Bookburg is quite safe, by Wastelands standards, and the Wizenburg Zone is very safe to the few that they let in. Now I would normally charge you an extra entry fee but under the circumstances we will forfeit it."

The man meant petty corruption, of course, now avoided because of fears of the Wizenburgs who clearly had much wealth, power and influence after Tridoomsday than they did before it though less afterwards. Ellen smiled not too richly, and gave over some prizecaps anyway to it clear that the team wanted to be on the good side of the petty corruption game. That was so appreciated that the Customs Officer became their guide who had openly been surprised that the payment had been made when it was not 'asked for'. It was soon made clear that Borderguards, even those who were also Customs Officers, were only moderately well paid in Bookburg.

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Note: The Bookcity settlment zone is now called Bookburg being Outer, Middle and Inner Bookburg along with the Wizenburg Zone.



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[1]5.1[6] Going Deeper into Bookburg

There were obvious places where salvaging had taken place, the taking of building materials, fittings, furniture and even decorative features. Places had been stripped of items, being left bare even of shelving such as shops. Yet other locations could have had prize items in them but had been left alone.

Kris, the Borderguard Customs Officer, explained it. “Bookburg has only about 156,000 people to carry out a lot of tasks to keep the settlement going strong, safe and secure. Salvage teams have been going for easier to get at resources but, thanks to unofficial scavengers and criminals acting for the secret market, there are almost no such places left. Beneath Bookburg, and the greater Bookcity, are radghoulants and other threats. Out there are yet other threats like radgangers, radraiders, radbandits, radbeasts and the bizarre Bookrazors. The outer ring, of Bookburg, has no wall around it and that damned circle, of luminous paint, never did no good; now it is faded away which is maybe for the best as it tended to draw unwanted attention.”

They heard the muffled sounds of gunfire, of small explosions, and then Ellen was leading her team in that direction. Kris was not happy at the decision but seemed to pick up, at once, that he was not going to persuade the 13 not to go in that direction. They crossed a major road and went around a lightly crumbled structure to end up going along a laneway. They moved steadily at a fast walking pace.

They came upon the fighting and a group of power armoured figures of the SteelOrderhood being LyonsPride Pridetroopers under the command of one Sentinel Sarah Lyons. Actually it was one squad13 of the LyonsPride that was a platoon of more than one squad13 plus other elements. Dug in, though rather hastily, the Pridebrothers-Pridesisters, fired off their big battlerifles at a much larger group crazed armour robed figures festooned with stained, scorched and otherwise damaged book pages. They had odd helmets and basic flamethrowers along with shorter distance flame spitting rods.

An attacker screamed out. “Damnation of librarians storing all you can eat cookbooks.”

The attacker fell as large bullets took his life away. Other Bookrazors raced towards the defenders as the team fired upon the attackers with their carbines using much smaller, but just as effective, cartridges as the battlerifles did.

An attacker cried out. “Destroy all traders of penny dreadful romances at dime a dozen.”

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That one was also shot down and another immolated by one's own exploding flamethrower after screaming out. “Readers of mind polluting pulp fictions of genre vomiting publishers be...”

Then the surviving Bookrazors were fleeing away even as the two forces met being the team and the Pridetroopers. The two groups, one of 13 and the other of 15, stood facing each other quietly before Ellen spoke. There was also the local borderguard.

“Sarah Lyons, or so we hope you are, we are here to meet with you so as to trade technical manuals to you and from you some other tomes as published by the SteelOrderhood. We would have intervened anyway; we have no love for destroyers of knowledge. I am Team Leader Ellen and my people came from space in a droppod.”

Sarah Lyons responded. “So after leaving the rest of us to live, or die, you at last come back to see what happened to us. I suppose you have been all living in luxury.”

Ellen replied calmly. “Not that I know of. We are short term imprinted clones who will be terminated as soon as our mission is completed for we are expendable.”

Sarah removed her helmet to expose a dirty face of an attractive young woman with short cropped dark blonde hair. She frowned hard. “Nobody is expendable so we are going to do something about that, do you hear?”

Ellen was so surprised that she did not know what to say and her expression showed it through her clear helmet visor.

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