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Demon Weaponry retex

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Hey, i was wondering if there is someone willing to re-texture the Demon Greataxe to look metallic? I found a re-tex of the Demon Great Hammer (http://darksouls.nex...ds.com/mods/39/) looks absolutely amazing, but since i am using both weapons i have to ask: would it be possible to make the ax' handle look a bit like this, but the.. Eh.. "head"(?) and the other parts look like silver or perhaps deep-blue obsidian.

Also, that hair-like thingy that is attached, anybody got a clue as to what it is and if it is possible to recolor it too?

Ax: Handle preferred a dark metal with white wrap (bandage like), while head and butt-end goes silver (preferred), or obsidian with a blue-ish tint, hair (straw..) becomes either a gold-brown-ish or alike the handle of the murakumo (hopefully spelled right).

I believe they fit their demonic origin.. But i just feel they don't realy fit with any of the armors in the game.. At all, and it bothers me a lot.

Also, i get the feeling there may be others who think the demon weapons would look better in different coloring, so lets use this topic for a while to post ideas and such, who knows? We might someday be able to re-mod the model itself (imagine getting clobbered by a unicorn head.. In pink -.-'), at any rate, i hope somebody see this :)

EDIT: Since people seem to either not notice this or ignore it completely, thers no reason to keep it open.

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