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Mod Request (Pets)

pathfinder kingmaker pets dragon snake

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Hi I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind making a pet mod for pathfinder kingmaker.


Though yes we all know how the base pets work, I was thinking of a special way to make these pets work. they do level and get there abilities but I was thinking of something similar to how we do it with our characters. Like lets say we have a pet snake, just a place snake but at level 4 it goes up in size to medium and we can either say it will be a close combat attack or a long range attack. The snake would then go up in size but the looks changes. If we picked a long range attack in looks more like a spitting cobra, if we picked close range it then looks more like a python or a anaconda, at the next size change we can pick so that it does more damage with said attack or can constrict an opponent to stall them and so on.


For a dragon pet it would be a bit different. one step we pick if its a ground based dragon (no wings), flying pet (wings no legs.) or water based ( like a snake no legs, no wings) next step we pick again for one it doesn't have ( so we pick snake wings = flying dragon snake appearance ) then for the other we know how it will look legs and wings. though if you pick legs twice it moves faster (aka farther if your using the turn based mod ). Next would be you pick the element fire for fire and so on. necromancer would be a skeletal dragon. if you pick universal you get a hydra = each head is an element but those elements are weaker but it has multiple heads for multiple attacks. So on and so forth until its at level 20. I think this would be a huge plus to a lot of people and I can see how this would be a fun new way to play with your pets. I do have more ideas if anyone is up for making the mod. I can give you the ideas and what I have kind of planned so far and we can see if this could be a possibility.

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