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Sound stay in one place/npc


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So I tried to find any solution for this problem in internet but what I found was that nobody write about it.
So exaxt problem is:

-when exploring i see for example mammoth far away from me .Andwhen I get closer I found that mammoth breathing sound is in the same place when I first saw it but mammoth is in

              completely other place.(only killing mammoth solve this is issue)- problem exist with other animals from time to time.

-when in combat:I see that mage that is far away from me (but spotted me and is preparing to fight) is casting some cloak spell or alteration armor spell. The problem starts when I kill that npc (his magic spells ,cloack is still making sound) or sometimes he's cloack is completely silent but sound of the cloak stayed in the place where mage casted his cloak spell.

And if anybody was interested:
- I doesn't use mods that change spell sound
-problem exist with vanilla spells only (when npc use spell from mods like Apocalypse problem doesn't occur)
- I doesn't use mods that change animals sound

For the moment I even consindered that True 3d Sound for Headphones could cause audio problems(but I doesn't see any difference with this mod and without -audio bug is still present)

If anybody heard about some ways to fix problems like I would be very grateful if you wrote down or link this fixes.

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