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All mods work after install, but no sound whatsoever

sound mods troubleshooting noob

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      Start by saying that i am very inexperienced with mods, if it goes much beyond plug and play, I'm pretty useless. However i thought that i had researched enough and gotten my load order right, etc. From the gameplay I've done (about 45 mins) most of my mods do seem to be working as intended. But i have zero sound of any kind; im not sure if i somehow disabled the audio drivers or deleted the sound files themselves, IDK. I have no major sound mods installed, just very minor ones that tweak power armor and such. I even have some Beth.net mods installed and they seem to be cohabitaing with the Nexus mods just fine.


Please help me great and powerful mod gods!



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can you list your mod load order, this will help us identity the possible cause (only necessary if this is a fallout 4 exclusive issue). although with that said, it is very unlikely that a mod could completely kill sound.


with that said, i am assuming that your no sound issue is exclusive to fallout 4, and that you do have sound via other sources, such as youtube/music players etc etc ? <-- i ask this because when you mention absolutely no sound, this would imply just that, literally no sound at all anywhere (such as youtube, music players, and any other means of audio sources).


if you literally have no sound at all anywhere, as in any other potential audio source, such as music players,


then first: ensure that you audio drivers are not disabled/ malfuntioned, first check your audio icon on your task bar located right next to the clock  over their on your taskbar ---->


check to see if their is a red cross on it, if so it means the audio is disabled


however if their is an yellow exclamation mark, then this means their is a malfunction (which can be driver based, or the sound card itself)


first thing to do if it is the former, is right click on the audio icon (indicated as a speaker with sound waves) - click on Playback devices, then right click on the sound device icon you are using, and click on enable (will only say enable, if it has indeed already been disabled, else if it says disable, then yea it is already enabled) 


however, if it is because of malfunctioned drivers, then you will need to download the latest version of sound drivers for either your Sound card or Onboard sound, whatever is applicable to you. 


Onboard sound = motherboard drivers


Sound Card = Self Explanatory


Motherboard drivers will be found on your motherboard website, however you will need to search your sound card manufacturer website if you have a sound card. 


Note: Malfunctioned drivers can be caused by 2 situations.


1. if their was an issue when you installed your sound card drivers


2. the more serious issue, would be if their is a problem with the sound card itself. <-- both of these issues are a potential cause of malfunctioned drivers/device (both situtations would be indicated by a yellow exclamation mark over your sound icon on your taskbar).

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