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When a ENB is installed, my game starts to stutter/tear when moving the mouse

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Hey guys! I have some problems with my skyrim SE and enb's. I couldn't get an answer from reddit either. I currently have visceral installed, but the same problem occurs with dragon, the truth and rudy (i have tested them all). When i'm ingame, interiors are perfectly fine - 60 fps, everything's smooth. And when i'm outside, the game is also fine.  I can move my characters in different directions and there are no fps problems. But when i turn my mouse the game starts to stutter heavily (only happens when and enb is installed). Disabling  the Enb ingame causes the stutter to go away. I've tried a lot of things like tweaking stuff, installing SSE Fixes, SSE Engine Fixes and Framerate stutter fix, but nothing worked. At first i thought that some of my mods (for example weather mods) where conflicting with the enb or causing some other problems, but i recently deleted every mod and skyrim, and started again from scratch while only installing the important stuff. The stuttering is still there. I also followed a guide on reddit which made me change Forcevsync and enablefpslimit to false (enblocal.ini), in skyrimprefs.ini changed ivsyncpresentinterval to 0, bSAOEnable to 0 and added HAVOK fMaxTime=0.01666667 fMaxTimeComplex=0.03333333 to skyrim.ini. Still have stutters ingame. Any help would be really appreciated. Suggestions like changing stuff in the ini, installing other tools, changing stuff in the skyrim launcher graphics settings  the nvidia control pannel, really any suggestion would be appreciated. I have a nvidia gtx 1060 with 8gb ram, so my setup shouldn't actually be a problem.

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