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CTD at College Of Winterhold

help ctd winterhold

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Everytime I'm near the college or try to load in I CTD it the only place so far i have this issue with. 


My Modlist:




Thank you in advance 




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Same here. Winterhold is the only place...my game crashes to desktop everytime I walk or run near or fast travel to Winterhold and Winterhold College. 

Here is what I think, but unproven...it happened after I deleted a Winterhold mod I downloaded from a website which then blocks me after my bank forcefully

took their money back to me. I even uninstalled and re-installed SSE and verified integrity of game files under Steam. I was searching on Google for

Winterhold crash fix, but it's not available. Please, help.




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I have the same problem. Not just the college, but also Winterhold. 


Mods that we both have in common:


-Bella (Which website did you download from?) I deleted that one and a few others from a website which, I suspect, probably caused the Winterhold crash)
-HDT if you mean HDT-SMP. The latter is what I have.
-Fores spells
-Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE
-BDOR Karlstein by Team TAL
-PapyrusUtil SE
-XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
-Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI
-SSE Engine Fixes (SKSE64 plugin)
-KS Hairdos SSE
-JContainers SE
-FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts - FISSES
-CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions
-A Matter of Time
-Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - CNNE
-Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE v10.0
-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
-DLC: Dawnguard
-DLC: Dragonborn
-DLC: HearthFires
If you solve the problem, please, let me know how you do. Let me know about Bella. Thanks in advance.

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