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Mortal Kombat mods?

mkx mk11 presets clothing/armor

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To my surprise I didn't really see any mortal kombat presets or clothing mods. I was wondering if anyone would create some outfits or presets for really any of the mkx-mk11 characters. Preferably fusion girl or cbbe.



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i would also very much like this (armor and outfits that is, i could probably replicate body presets, however defintely could not replicate armor and outfits). absolutely adore mortal kombat, and the quality of their outfits and characters (absolutely love the ninja look, and all of the designs for the outfits and armor are very good, and of course the characters themselves, love mileena and kitana,)


however it is very unlikely this will happen, you would need permission from Neverealm Studios (Game Maker). (to port. the permissions are unlikely to be given, i would imagine)


and it would definitely require a lot of work to even replicate said outfits, they are top notch work. compare an outfit in mortal kombat, vs an outfit in vanilla fallout, their is a definite quality difference (not too mention physics, enviroment maps and detail, etc etc. so yea, an aweful lot of work would be required to replicate fully, Mortal kombat Outfits. (early mk games would be much easier since their just skimpy ninja outfits, but mk x and 11 would be much much harder, as they are much more detailed. and they have proper physics as well as other effects and especially much higher definition.) 


basically i would expect all mk outfits to look nowhere near as good in Fallout then they do in Mortal Kombat x or 11.


for presets however, it should not be too hard to do. however their will be limitations. you could replicate female mk builds, but thats about it, custom skin textures would be required for muscle tones and skin definition. 


but without skin textures, and character features, the body preset alone will not be mk. it will just be a generic petite body build.


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If you can use Blender and then Outfit Studio and know what you are doing its possible. But You will never be aloud to publish the mods here. There are heaps of 3d models from games to be found on this site. https://www.devianta...lgore-796358402

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