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Back-up Kellogg (Synth Companion)

synth cyborg courser companion conrad kellogg mercenary operative replacement back-up

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So if you follow the Institute ending you have access to Synth production and you've probably revived your Spouse and you have some semblance of your family back.

You realise that there must have been a reason that Kellogg was used within the organisation for so long.
And with the help of Nick Valentine and Doctor Amari you've already brought him back once.
In fact this time there's no excuse for it not being trivially easy.

You obtain Kellogg's Medical and Cybernetic records holotape, his brain augmenter and load it into a Courser preset.

You print yourself a Conrad Kellogg complete with cybernetic pain inhibitor ,limb actuator and the memories of the 108-year-old man.
But this Cyborg-Synth has no scars, no signs of ageing on his skin and even a full head of hair.
But, most importantly he now has a recall code and a subliminal encouragement to obey the Institute delivered by his Courser Synth Component.



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You can reboot Kellog into a companion

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