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[Request] Alternate method of finding and replacing sound files.

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So I went to try and make the mod i requested for ds2 where the crappy audio quality sounds are replaced with ds1/3 equivalents to make the game not sound like dogshit. Much to my dismay, unlike the sound files for ds3, ds2's sound files are an organizational nightmare. Over 200 .bnd files when unpacked with UXM each needing to be unpacked themselves to get to the fsb files with in, each of those fsb files containing dozens to hundreds of sound files, a great majority of them repeated, redundant, and unused in game.


I decided the task was too daunting. It got me thinking. Is this really the only way we can ever get sound files to work for ds2? Might there be a way to dump and override sound files in a similar way that igp11 and gedosato do texture files? Like get the sound you want to replace to play in game, and have it dump the .bnd its contained in so you can edit it? As it stands now, ds2's file structure is much too much of a mess for a casual modder like me to get anything done with sound effects using the current tools available. (UXM, Yabber, and DSSI)

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