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How to create unintended objects

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To make a floating object that the party can pick out of midair: Build a mouth slot against a wall, then remove wall and add object to mouth slot (like you would for an alcove or monster) and presto! Floating object from any angle.

For illusionary walls: Same thing, build ANY wall object against a wall. (I have found that Temple_Glass_Wall 1,2 or 3 are excellent because they can give the player a visual cue)4 sphere pics on glass, One square pic, just looks off enough to investigate, but still a wall.To fix back side graphics simply do same thing on back side of wall.You can even make a secret door that reveals the illusion to players early in the dungeon to make players aware for later on.

Simple timed trapdoors:Make a timer that opens the trap every 3 seconds, and another that closes it every 5 seconds.The timing gets away from each other, than back closer to one another so that you have to watch the pit and count to figure out when to go.you can even do an entire room of 30 pits ,timed together so the player has to be careful the entire way through.Like pad closes pit...next pad closes pit....next pad closes pit, then it starts opening and closing to trick players not being careful.

set a trigger on a 2 second timer On the square where a player turns left or right.Before they turn they notice the INACCESIBLE area in front of them, and keep going...to find some sort of "Ahem....behind you" cue so when they go back, it's OPEN and they wonder how the hail they missed it!

Shops: place blockers around a creature WITHOUT ranged attack (I used Ogres).Place an altar in front of him and set it to trigger a script check for your intended currency/activate a timer set to 0.1 for a teleporter on the altar square/and whatever type of door etc to open. I used gems (Dungeon Master 2 shout out.)I also had teleporter send the gem to the Ogre so u can see that he got it. I wanna figure out how to teleport into an invisible mouth_slot.

The hidden alcoves used for the second shop are so easy, build a secret door, then remove the area behind it so door is built on a dead end.place alcove. The door/Alcove combos can be very ugly, so check it out first.

The Warden Traps: Have timers set up to a row of ceiling lights that are deactivated.Place your hidden pad to start the timers going in succesion in whatever increment you want(think i used .4),with each timer activating its light, and de-activating the PREVIOUS light AND previous timer. Have the last timer in the sequence (think i used 6 timers)activate a teleporter linked to a hidden warden, and lighting a 7th light directly above him in addition to deactivating all previous lights a timers.If your a really nice
DM, use the last timer to open a passage out somewhere nearby.

Gas/Electric chambers:activate Lever is set to a timer on 1 second.that connects to multiple spawners activate in the room spawning whichever spell you want.Deactivate lever deactivates spawners.Get creative with your victims, drop em in with a teleporter trap or somethin caused by the player, giving them a sense of acclompishment when they get to Zap it.

Activate Once or not can play a huge roll in making complex traps hidden from the player.

Add your tips guys, we're all learning a lot of tricks every day, Share!!!

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