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Skyrim's "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches" mod, except with military gear?

armor clothing crafting maybe idontknow etc

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I've been hoping to see a mod which, like the title says, works like Skyrim's "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches" mod by Dragten, which adds several pieces of wearable equipment which offered increased carry weight and other buffs, and which could be mixed-and-matched with one another due to each piece occupying separate item slots. While many players want to see more modern, MOLLE-based equipment like what's on the market today, my preference in taste is much more old-school. US military gear from the early to late 20th century is basically perfect for what I have in mind, based around a mix of belts with or without suspension straps, and to which can be fixed as many pouches, canteens, bayonets, or holsters as you can fit on the available real estate.


While the "Vietnam War Gear Collection" mod, created by AussieShepherd, has some of the MLCE gear in it, I haven't had the opportunity to find out if that even works regarding carry weight and such. I didn't have it installed before support for NMM was dropped, and I'm loathe to have to port everything over to Vortex right now after how tedious the process was for Skyrim, especially just to test a mod I might not end up using. However, I consider "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches" to be an absolute must in my Skyrim load order, so much so that having something similar for Fallout 4 would be quite the motivation for making the jump (and hoping it goes better than last time.) Basically, what I'd really like to see is a comprehensive, dedicated mod that can also be used as a framework for expansion should it become popular enough, perhaps just starting with one set of the types below and then adding other sets to the mix as time goes on (I'd recommend ALICE pattern, as that lasted out of the Seventies, through the Eighties and Nineties, and remains in service today in the US military, though mostly for training purposes.)


Additional sets could include the previous US military types I have listed below, as well as foreign types (which I'm not really that familiar with but largely run off the same principle of sticking as much as you can to a belt and maybe suspenders before the wearer falls over) and even MOLLE based gear for those who want it, of course. Basically a little something for everyone! Also perhaps the ability to craft components via AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended using ballistic fiber. Ideally, anyway.




WW1 Pattern


WW2 Pattern


LCE (Load-Carrying Equipment) M56 Pattern


MLCE (Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment) M67 Pattern


ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) Pattern



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