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[Mod Request] Legendary homemade smith.

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Now before you immediately go and scream ''GO DOWNLOAD X Y Z!'' I have already checked out ALL smithing mods that are on the nexus. And none of them are what I want specifically. What I want for a smithing mod is to be able to surpass even Meitou weapons themselves and create [Perfect] Weapons. As in they're even better then Meitou and can ONLY be crafted at max smith rank with a crit success. There should be no shop that has the ability to sell any [Perfect] Weapon grade. Nor should any NPC be allowed to spawn with a [Perfect] Weapon. The only way to get one is through a lucky draw from a max level homemade smith attempt.


Oh and also make the same mod but for armors. Because yea perfectionist.


As of for what bonuses the [Perfect] Grade should have? Uuuh well I don't know but it should be better then any other grade that's for sure. 25%+ blunt & cut. 3x price... Idk those are just suggestions but the mod should make it so the absolute best way to obtain the most powerful gear, is through homemade crafting.

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