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Makign a mod armor craftable

crafting armor legion heavylegion

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Hello Skyrim modders!,
Just want to preface all this by saying i have zero modding experience and wanted to try and make an armor set in a mod craft-able for my game, then i had the idea to just make a patch for everyone to use. the mod in question is "Heavy Legion" the mod adds re placers and new armors for the Imperial Legion but only the base armors like standard imperial armor,light armors,Penitus Oculatus armors that was re textured can either be both crafted and tempered. The two new sets Legate armor and Generals Armor, (Models are i assume used from "Emperors WIl'") are uncraftable and untemperable. So about 4 youtube videos later i learned how to make unique items craft-able. 
The problem i run into is when i make a piece of the armor craftable for example "Legate Boots" the entirety of the imperial armor section does not show up in the Crafting menu (SKyUI) but with the mod with no edits at all the armors are all there. any help would be appreciated! :happy:
Edit: please ignore title spelling mistake...i dun goof'd it

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Nightasy's tutorial video's explain how to do this pretty well, part 46 covers making armors craftable.  You may have to go back a few episodes for context.


You shouldn't need any special software besides creation kit.

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