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But I Want To Be The Dragonborn, Not A Blacksmith


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Hey, is there a mod that lets you purchase high quality weapons and armor from blacksmiths instead of having to make them yourself? I know there was one for Oldrim, but it was for Requiem only and I didn't care for that mod. 



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Honed metal.  It allows you to pay blacksmiths to make or improve your armor as well as paying court mages to enchant items for you.  Eorlund Greymane can improve steel to Legendary, and Farengar can give you in the neighborhood of 20 pts elemental damage on a weapon. I have not had him enchant armor as yet, so I can't speak for that.  You can also tweak their skill levels, make other NPCs into blacksmiths, and change the costs, delivery times, whether they carry rare ingredients, etc.   Plays nicely with another mod called "Order My Items," which lets you place bulk orders for certain alchemy and blacksmithing materials.





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