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Khajiit caravans do not move or make camp

khajiit caravans

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I bought my gaming laptop just before the Great Eclipse a couple of years ago, and my son, aka live-in tech support, installed and set it up for me to play Skyrim SE. My daughter (and Gopher's videos) taught me how to download mods to improve my playing experience. At first I only used things like the Unofficial Patch, Cutting Room Floor, horses and dogs can't be killed, some player houses..., things like that. From the beginning, the Khajiit caravans were acting oddly - they stay in one city and do not set up camp. Ri'saad and co. stay in Whiterun; Akhari and co. stay in Riften, except... maybe in an early game they were in Dawnstar once?; and I don't think I've run into Ma'dran and co. for a very long time. 


It hasn't upset my gaming much, but I am frankly curious about what could be causing this behavior. 

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