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Noticable "frame drop" after 15h+ into save

stutter freeze

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I've recently been expieriencing a weird "freeze" while playing Skyrim SE. I'm currently 15h+ into my newest save and every 2-3 minutes the game will freeze up for like a second (sound still plays) and then play on normally. Doesn't matter whether I'm in combat, inside, outside etc. I tried turning of some mods that improve meshes, add sound, add textures etc. without success.

When starting a new game, the issue is not present. The savegame is only about around 16 MB so can't be it.


Has anyone seen a similiar problem and how did you resolve it or is my save simply bugged?

Sadly I don't have a save before the stutter, so I'll start up a new one. But it would suck to throw away 15h of progress. I'm just curious since previously I could easily play to 100h+ without that problem.


I recently updatet from the old NMM to Vortex, maybe that's causing the issue? Though I don't see how. Sadly I'm still finding my way around Vortex, so I haven't figured out how to extract my loading order....


Anyway, thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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