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I am having an error with Vortex and am not sure if I already posted here

vortex is not working

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vortex says my mods are being used in the skyrim folder and won't let FNIS load.

I downloaded some mods a week or so ago, loaded them up into the vortex, and the auto-run of FNIS would not finish.

So i removed and deleted those mods from the vortex, thinking that would fix things.

Since then my FNIS still sees these mods as active on my computer in the "skyrim folder."

I am curious how I can remove a plugin from the vortex when it does not have a correlating mod on in the mod folder.



The removed and re-installed the vortex this morning and the mods in question are still causing issues.


The mods causing my grief are Lusty Argonian Skills and Immersive Good Boy from the nexus and a Smooth Argonian Textures from LL.

I need a lot more space to load the screen shots of what is happening on my end.



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I can't guarantee this will work, but try purging your mods first, then delete the mods you want removed. Instructions are in the Vortex knowledge base. Then redeploy your mods. If this doesn't work, you may have aspects of the mods hard baked into your saves. The solution there is to go to a save from before you installed these mods. I just lost 90 hours of play through because I wasn't careful with my game, and spent two days just trying to get Fallout to start. It was all my fault, but it still sucks. Good luck.

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