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food rebalance

food rebalance

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it goes without saying that Fallout 4 is not a very balanced game. nor is it a very challenging one.


one of the biggest problem i have with the game is how ammo and stimpaks are so plentiful that they may as well be raining from the sky. to fix this issue i got a mod that reduces the drop rate of a lot of stuff by 90%.


while the added challenge this brought about made the game more fun for me it also opened my eyes to another problem, food healing.


food is also plentiful and while it doesn't heal as much as stimpaks it still heals plenty. the item scarcity mod i'm using focuses on items in containers. most food items are not found in containers. with the sudden scarcity of stimpaks i like having food items as a means of healing, but to make up for the overabundance of food items in the game i would like it if food healing was less effective. like say 80% less effective.


so yeah, that's what i'd like.

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