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Slave accessories

immersion npcs clothing

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In order to compliment my idea for slavery furniture, or for those who already use the prisoner shackles mod by @mluke, would it be possible for an awesome modder out there to create some "slave accessories".

What i mean by that is items of clothing that can be given to settlers, which look like bindings, made from tape, rope etc, to go on the settlers wrists, thighs, ankles, and around the waist and upper chest and around the upper arms, (for when the settler used the bound hostage animation, with their hands behind their back)

The idea is to make settlers assigned to prisoner shackles and mats, which use the bound hostage animation, or any animations created by my other idea / request, to actually look like they are restrained.

If the clothing uses armour slots, they can be worn over thin clothing ( to keep it SFW).

It would also be great to throw in some gags, (not weird s+m type stuff) but lore friendly ones, made from cloth, tape, rope etc, or a simple ball gag, which would use the same clothing slot as the bandanas. (You know, just to keep it immersive).

Please note, i understand how this idea may sound like a certain category of NSFW content, but this is NOT what i'm looking for, i'm looking for something immersive and complimentary to FO lore.

Plus, with reference to the bethesda.net ToS, sexually explicit content is defined in the dictionary (googles at least) as any content which shows nudity or intercourse, what i'm asking for has none of this, therefore it IS safe for work.

Could this also be made available on XB1

Thank you for your time

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