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CTD on Honest Hearts every five minutes

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I can generally play the base game for a few hours before it decides to crash on me, Honest Hearts tends to be the exception. It's like it's on a timer. About five minutes after I start the game, it crashes to desktop. I downloaded the 4gb patch, the stutter remover, etc. What wasn't manually installed has been installed through MO2.


Any help?





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Please see the 'Common Game Problems' section of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.


In particular:


* Please see the 'Issue: CTD after 10-20 minutes of play (post-Win10 2017 FCU)' and 'Issue: CTD without warning, "Out of Memory error", or stops responding after the Main Menu' entries in the 'Solutions to "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) problems' section in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.


* Move any "inactive/disabled" plugins out of the game "Data" folder.  They count against the "plugin cap" because they get loaded by the game engine if found, and can cause "Missing Master" problems.  Please see the wiki "Missing Masters" article if you get that error message.  If those plugins without the "mod index" numbers are "deactivated by the "Bash Patch", then you failed to have them "ghosted" by "Wrye Bash/Flash" when you built your "Bashed Patch".  Please see the wiki "Bashed Patch file with Marked Mergeables" article.

* Don't install every optional file for a mod.  Read the install instructions carefully.  Optional files need to be selected on a "case by case" basis.  For example: with any mod you usually only need one ESP (and possibly one ESM) "base" file depending upon whether you have all the DLCs active or not.  Only if you don't have them all active do you need to install any specific DLC versions if there is an "Ultimate Edition/All/Merged DLC" version.  (Cases in point: JustAnArmorPack and "Centered 3rd Person Camera".)

* "Compatibility patches" to make one mod work with another need to be placed after (as in "physically lower, higher numbered") in the "load order" than ALL of the plugins they are designed to make compatible.  (This also applies to "fix" files.)  ESMs should always be placed at the top (lowest numbered) positions in the "load order", followed by the related ESPs though they can be separated from their ESMs by other plugins.  LOOT does a good job of determining those basic orders.  Getting the "load order" incorrect will cause "Missing Masters" errors as well.  You can make minor adjustments to the order and tell LOOT how to remember them.  It's in the on-line documentation under "Metadata".

  FYI: The "pre-order packs" (aka "POPs": Caravan, Classic, Mercenary, and Tribal; available now in the "Courier's Stash" addon), are not considered "true DLC expansions" by most mods and are treated as "compatibility patches" because they just add certain unique items.  So their absence should not deter you from using "All DLC Merged" plugins.  Where they are included, they should come after "GunrunnersArsenal.ESM" which is a true DLC expansion.  When in doubt, follow the process in the wiki "Missing Masters" article to confirm they are not "master files" for that plugin.

* You really need to use a "Merge Patch File" with that collection of mods.  Please see the 'Third Rule: The Rule of One' and 'Merge Patch File' sections of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.



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