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General troubleshooting and advice needed

mods help fix enb light faces bright fps graphics

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Hey all, I am currently running a decked out skyrim, but want some advice on what I should change/drop to get better, more constant frames.


Attached is load order/mod list. I use MO2.

Attached File  Mod Load Order.txt   6.76KB   1 downloads


  1. Mainly getting fps around about 60 but dropping down to 50 or lower in sudden spikes, or in dense forested areas it can be at a constant sorta 50.
  2. When it comes to cities, usually keeping a 60 fps, but getting spikes down to 50 still. When in the major cities of Riften, Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm the frames are at a 50 constant, with spikes down to 40. Whiterun is the worst with it coming in at 30 fps at times.


  • Just some general mod issues I am having, why are all my faces in the game super bright? And at times, the head does not match the body (only with males so far). Any ideas on a fix? Running WICO with NVT enb (turnting subsurface scattering turned down the brightness on the faces a bit, but no where near enough).
  • Another issue, likely similar to bright faces, is this bright as hell armor like damn man my eyes from Skyrim Belongs to the Nords.
  • Another thing, is one of my mods (not sure which) causes these chickens, and they look out of place in the naturally darker animal tone and skyrim itself.
  • I have animated celtic icons, but my icons are not animating :sad:
  • And also got some issues with fire and embers and smoke. Smoke changes color depending on where you stand, turning orange when close to them, and normal/black when away and some fires just look like trash (like the big bonfires that Giant camps sometimes have)
  • Final thing, how do I get rid of the damned blur everytime I move around? Alongside getting rip of depth of field entirely? Nothing I tries work, even that mod that says it removes all radial blur, did not do so



RTX 2080 Super (slight overclock)

i7 6700k (slight overclock)

16gb RAM

Skyrim is on an SSD :smile:


Running skyrim in game settings at 1440p on ultra everything


So anyone got any ideas on how to fix/remove any of the above issues? Or alternatively, are you able provide some guidance on what I can do to maintain a nice 60 fps without any dips or spikes without sacrifcing graphics quality too much?

I just want to be immersed as f*** and walk outside and be disappointed in how bad the graphics is in the real world compared to my 239 mods on skyrim SE :sad:


PS: No images since I can't really upload them as they are too big, and I can't link to an external site apparently :/

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