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Creating a my own werewolf overhaul.

werewolf newbie overhaul

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I'm just getting into modding in my spare time and want to create my own Werewolf overhaul. As I'm a newbie I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions on topics and areas that I can learn to get at that level. I know its no walk in the park but I'm dedicated to creating a Werewolf overhaul and then expand into other areas of the game.


Here's some of the things I want to learn to create my Werewolf Overhaul


- Creating my own powers

- My own eye textures

- My own skill tree

- Custom made werewolf tranformation but in human form - Like the mod (Night Of The Wolf)

- How to get it all to activate when the player gets werewolf disease.

- Ability Passives

- Anger System if tahts possible

- Create a animation so can character can run on all fours.


Also is their certain sites that will let me create my own eye textures and teeth. So I can implement textures into the game or is that done through racemenu?


Any help and advice on where to start will be appreciated. Any forums or videos that will help please put down in comments 


Thank in advance





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That's a big undertaking! This site is a great place to start for several of the things on your list:




A good place to start on your list would be to create some Passive Abilities in the kit. Don't worry about getting too complicated at first, in fact the simpler the better. And that holds true even unto the final product.

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That's... brave!


A good general tip is to watch loads of Darkfox127 videos. Type in what you're trying to do + Darkfox127. If he's covered it, you're in safe hands... the man's never let me down yet.


For textures, generally, I just use paint.net, though photoshop has some advantages.


You're likely to need Nifskope as well, given what you're attempting.


You may or may not need 3D modelling software like 3DSmax, but don't do it unless you really need to. You're going to have enough to learn as things stand.


Also, since you're likely to be editing vanilla textures, you'll need to have an archive extractor to get at the loose Skyrim files from their BSAs. I use BAE (Bethesda Archive Extractor)


Another must have is SSEedit, to check and clean your esp file. I generally run an esp through SSEedit every day or so. Ideally do it every session at first until you're up and running and don't get overwhelmed by having to clean too much at once.


I'd probably advise doing a couple of personal mods first, just to fully familiarise yourself with CK, before diving into what appears to be a pretty big undertaking.




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Thanks for the replies I will take a look the suggestions and learn as much as I can. I really like werewolves in Skyrim and the mods. But there's that feeling of how I would like it to be. There is no point in asking a modder to do it because the chances are one in a million of him/her saying yes.


So the only option is to do it myself. Im willing to learn and dedicated to doing it so why not? XD Plus Skyrim has been and properly will always be my favourite game. Being part of a big skyrim modding community is a great thing.


I will take your advice on doing a couple personal mods Cumbrianlad. Which kind of mods do you think I should do?


Thank you for all the replies 

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