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Vanilla companions affinity in quest mods

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Just a general question that I was curious about , and that I can't seem to find any information about because it is to broad I suppose. Basically, I was wondering if anyone knows any quest mods that actually trigger likes and dislikes via the affinity system for vanilla companions. I've notice on some of the big quest mods such as; depravity,tales from the commonwealth, America Rising, etc... Do not seem to trigger any affinity for the games vanilla companions. Would I be incorrect in this analysis? I understand the vast complexities of the creation kit, but I was curious if anyone has figured this out. I've seen posts on how to use the affinity system for custom companions, via manipulation of the Bethesda DLC characters; however I have not seen anything on the vanilla companions. I'm attempting to get back into modding again (It's been a loooong time) and I wanted to do something story based for a change. If I do anything pertaining to questing I'd like to be able to use the affinity system to support all companions.I'd appreciate any answers to my query. Thanks in advance and I apologize for any grammatical errors I'm posting this via my phone.

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