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Help w/ Controller set up for Key Bindable Dual Wield Block by Aralu115?

dual wield block controller bindable aralu115 lb dpad not working

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MOD LIST  (pastebin)

Hello my fellow modders,

I recently installed a dual wield block mod and decided to accompany it with this controller mapping mod.  It lets me use the LB button as both a block and modifier button (so I can block when in dual wield with LB and attack with the trigger - also use LB + D Pad button as a combo button for 8 favourite keys).

Unfortunately, every function works on the modded controller map except for the D Pad and the LB modifier button. So I can do everything but create favourite hotkeys. Anyone have any idea on how I could possibly fix this?

Dual wield blocking adds immersion and isn't the end of the world but I spent my whole day on this and others have had success. Would appreciate any help!


Thank you.

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