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Stutter/FPS drops with ENB

enb stutter fps drops gpu usage nla

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I'm currently building a modlist and want to use NLA ENB. Normally I get around 50 FPS with drops into the 40s in performance heavy areas/cities with the GPU around 90-98% usage. Problem is that the GPU usage will ocassionally drop in half, sometimes even to 0% (measured with afterburner) for a split second and I will get severe stutter and super low FPS momentarily. Power usage drops too, but I recently got a new 600W PSU so that can't be the cause. CPU and RAM/GPU memory usage also stays the about same. This happens only when NLA is installed.

I tried disabling all mods other than USLEEP, a clean ini created with BethINI, disabling DOF (the whole enbeffectprepass.fx actually) and setting all the enbseries.ini "quality" settings to medium.

My specs:
AMD FX(tm)-8350
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
SSD 850 EVO 250GB
Windows 7

I use ENB version 292 with NLA 2.0. My settings: enblocal.ini

I know that my CPU is old but its what I have at the moment, I thought it could bottleneck but then I think ENB mainly utilises the GPU, doesn't it? I did a GPU Bench with superposition where the GPU was constantly at 100% usage without drops so I don't think the card is faulty.

EDIT: Happens way less often with all the mods disabled and my performance settings. Now only once every 30second instead of like every 10 seconds. Worth mentioning is it only occurs when I move around and new cells are loaded, not when standing still. Is my GPU/system simply to weak for this power hungry ENB?

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