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[Mod Request] Bandits loot armor and weapons

mod request bandits loot

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I guess this requires a little explanation.


I don't know what the demand for a mod like this is, as it makes the game even more unfair to fresh characters, but I after playing the game for a while, I found I became a bit of a masochist. I just want the game to be as hard as possible so I can get beat up a ton. All good stories have conflict, right?


Anyway, I noticed that bandits bandits are only looting when patrolling (I confirmed this in FCS) and even then, patrolling is set to none urgent, so most of my encounters with them are just me walking by their camps. Furthermore, they only (as far as I know) loot food and maybe some other items. I'm not sure what else they loot because FCS just says "Food and Stuff." I read somewhere they only loot food though.

So here's the punchline, I was wondering if there was a way to make it so, whenever bandits render you unconscious, they will loot your weapons and armor.


Again I realize there might not be much demand for a mod like this, especially since the only way to level up combat is to get beat up. But I though, myself included, people with mid/higher level characters might appreciate more risk. 


FYI I did try and do this myself before coming here, I was unsuccessful... lol

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