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Editing homes and CC mods

deleting records creation club player home

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I have a two part question.


The first part involves deleting things from the game. Several months back, I made an edit of Honeyside to remove the mounted heads; that type of decoration just isn't my thing. I've read that actually deleting records from the game is bad, so what I did was to move all of the heads outside the bounds of the house so they aren't seen. in addition, when I tried deleting them, there were problems once I loaded into the game (see post).  That seemed to work fine and I never had any issues with the house in my previous play. Was there some alternative method I could/should have used?


Here's an old post I made about my Honeyside issue.


The second part involves editing Creation Club mods, and more specifically the newish player home in Whiterun Hold. I watched a thorough video review and am considering buying it. And yes, I did look through all of the numerous other Whiterun homes, none of which were appealing for one reason or other. The main thing that I dislike are the children's beds. I do not adopt children in Skyrim and would prefer those beds not exist, taking up space. Can I make a mod to edit the home in the CK? Would that be accomplished by loading that as a master? If the answer to the above is, "Yes," would I have to do the same moving trick as I did with Honeyside, or can I just delete those things from the house?

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First question: I don't see a game-breaking issue with moving the objects outside into the void. They don't appear to be referenced by anything other than having the x-marker as their enable parent.The only issue you may have is if the mod is uploaded and people download it when they already have Honeyside, upgraded it and have been into the cell.The game has a nasty habit of saving where objects are and no amount of updating will move them afterwards, so the heads could be back in place with wall baskets or whatever you chose superimposed on them.


I'd just do a simple test of loading a save that hasn't seen your mod, buy and upgrade Honeyside, visit it and exit. Load your mod and re-visit Honeyside to see if all is well. If you get the problem I just mentioned, you could do what I set out below. I don't know what others think but this is how I do it.


For the vanilla building I want to alter, I place new external load doors in addition to the original one. I then put an x-marker down in front of each door into the house. This x-marker is set to be the enable parent of both my new door and the vanilla door (one door set to be opposite to the x-marker state). These x-markers can be either enabled or initially disabled, say if you want the player to have access to the modified house at a certain quest stage.


I then open the original house in the render window and disable markers, click anywhere in the void and hit the / key to bring up the render window options and select statics only. I then copy all of the statics in the cell and paste them into a new cell.


Now you have only the static items for the cell, no navmesh and no x markers, furniture or activators that may be referenced in the vanilla cell. (like in NPC packages, quest markers etc). I then delete what I don't want and add what I want changed. I then add internal load doors and link them to my new doors in the exterior.


Lastly I open SSe edit and remove any references to the vanilla cell from the esp. (CK always adds things like locations to each item you copy).


Now I have a cell laid out like the original but with no references to the vanilla cell and without deleting or even moving any of the items within it.


It seems like a long-winded routine but I never have issues with bugged NPCs and for major overhauls it's worth it. Generally I want to rip out most of the vanilla crud, anyway, so all i want is the shell of the building so that it looks the same as vanilla (except for Honeyside I like to add in the windows that are missing on the inside).


Second Question: I'll pass on that, I'm afraid. I don't want to bother with Creation Club, so I've never seen what differences there are, if any.

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