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The battle of mod managers

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So.. it's been 3 years since I last played DA:I and when I came back today to find a brand new mod manager around and I'm bit lost...

I've downloaded Frosty, and I'm working on redownloading my mods. But I've seen some people mentioning there are still some mods that are in the dai format.

Can I use both DAITool and Frosty together?

And as for how frosty works, can I download my mods into the FrostyModManager\Mods\DragonAgeInquisition folder, or shoudl I put tehm in a different folder and then import them with the software?

Is there anything else I need to know set-up/software wise?


Thanks everyone!




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Hi! You can use FMM and DAIMM together, but depending on the mods you want to install, you might have to do it via a workaround. Your frosty mods will not show in game if you do not perform the workaround correctly.


You can load these types of daimods directly through FMM:

  • Mesh edits (things that change the shape of a 3d model, so e.g, different hairstyles, edits of the body shape, stuff like this)
  • Ebx edits (ebx edits can be many things, but basically, if it's not a mesh edit or a retexture, chances are it's probably an ebx edit.)

These types of daimods you may struggle to load directly through FMM and may give you issues:

  • Very old daimods that come in a bunch of folders instead of a file with the actual .daimod extension
  • Configurable daimods, these are mods where you can adjust the settings yourself and have a little "configure" button when you click on them in DAIMM
  • .daimod retextures can cause issues when loaded through FMM

For the daimods that struggle, you can see if anyone has made a frosty equivalent of the mod you are searching for. Some retextures in fbmod format like elf female complexions and formalwear can have visual glitches at times where things go rainbow or black or squarey and other issues, not *all* fbmod retextures have these issues but I thought I should note that.


Alternatively, you can as you say use both mod managers together. On this thread by Katarsi (not on the first post with the video but the *second* post which has written instructions), it details how to use FMM and DAIMM together. 


Edit also to say that you should be installing your fbmods for frosty via the actual software, so there should be an import mod(s) button in the left hand bottom corner, choose the mod you want to install, and make sure you hit apply otherwise you won't actually have put it in your game. Then at the top, near the left half of the mod manager, it should say "launch", you should press this button every time you want to see fbmods in your game.


And a second addendum to that: make sure that when using DAIMM and FMM together that you don't have any mods across the mod managers that edit the same files because otherwise you will have conflicts and possibly infinite load.


Also, when using both mod managers together, if your frosty mods aren't showing up then you may need to go to C: > Program Files > Origin Games > Dragon Age Inquisition > ModData > Update > Patch and there will be another package.mft file there, and the version of that patch should match up with your other one otherwise you won't be able to load DAIMM and FMM together. The ModData folder is the folder frosty produces when merging mods.


Additionally, if you decide to do away with DAIMM completely and only use FMM, games that you saved in the past with DAIMM mods enabled may give you an error like "This save was made with a higher patch", which you can fix by navigating to C: > Program Files > Origin Games > Dragon Age Inquisition > Update > Patch, find the package.mft file and set the patch number to 13 or higher. 

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Thank you very much for such a detailed reply, Dmitrias!! I'll follow that guide and try to work with both managers at the same time since I do not trust my abilities to figure out which .daimod files I can install with Frosty ajhdbjhd

I've seen so many different info about these softwares and I didn't know which ones were up to date or not so this helped a lot! ♥


Aaah I spent the whole day redownloading my mods, but didn't get around to try and install any yet, lol. I'll let ya know if I bump into any issues.

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