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AMUMSS (auto modbuilder-updater with MOD script definition system) Repository


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I wish to create a repository for LUA scripts and i am asking the community for help .


Aim -

To have a repository that has working AMUMSS lua scripts that people can easily access . Think of it as a single file that contains the scripts that can be easily downloaded and will be updated at least monthly ( if there are new scripts to be added ) . I know some authors do also include scripts to make their mods compatible with other mods as well as making them easy to update but at times it may mean having to trawl thru a lot of mods to find which ones have them but this may make things easier . 


What i am asking -

If Authors do already include a lua script with their mods can i please have a link to that mods page and i will download and extract the lua and add it to the repository . All permissions and credit will be given to the authors as it is their work and all i am doing is making a collective - no scripts will be edited or altered in any way .

Also if any Authors of mods that do not include a lua script do possess a lua script that they are willing to release to the repository they are more than welcome to do so and i will include them .


What i am not asking -

I do not want people to link me other authors work without the authors permission - i would rather they contact the author personally and ask them to contact me personally with permission and the link or contact me personally with a link to the mod and i will approach the author myself and go from there . I would rather have links posted by the original author which i can check and know have permission granted or post myself when verified . 


If you do decide to contact the author personally please include a link to this post so they know ( incase they dont already ) of this repository project and please include a post on their mod page that you have asked the author - that way hopefully they get a single request as others will see the post and know someone has asked . I dont want the author to get bombarded by people asking and it reflecting badly upon myself . If i contact an author i will be following the above guideline .


I have also spoken to Mjjstral ( aka MetaIdea and Wbertro aka TheBossBoy ) who is the Author of AMUMSS about the repository and he is aware of it and agrees it would be a good idea - It is aimed to work along with AMUMSS as it is needed to run the lua scripts . Please contact myself with any questions and not Mjjstral as this project is independant  from his .


Plus also respect the Mod Authors rights to refuse to have their scripts added  ( its their personal choice - i hope they wont  )



*** If this does take off - would it be possible for the forum admin or moderator to make this into a sticky so it wont get lost 




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Hi Spiritz666, I just started browsing the forums here and came across your post. Have you had any success with this? I'm not familiar with using the AMUMSS as of yet, but it sounds like a great system and am definitely willing to learn how to do it if it means I can make my gameplay more in-line with what I want. I.E.... been looking for an operational mod for maxing out the slots of the ships and their tech slots but so far I have yet to find a single one that works with the current version of the game. Please let me know if you are able to help because I'd love to stop spending hours looking for a good S-class ship! Thanks!

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