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RLO Interior Adjustment OR Interior/exterior brightness settings

rlo interior lighting exterior brightness realistic lighting overhaul

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I use the Realistic Lighting Overhaul for SSE and I adore it! except for one thing...its WAY too dark inside! when I can't see a corner of the room or theres black sections of the room I freak out! (I almost had a heart attack in bleak falls barrow from the darkness) I'm inside a inn and I can't see behind the counter without a torch...and yet I still love RLO... being outside with RLO is fantastic! the illuminated spells and other subtle tweaks make Skyrim look like a 2019 game! but when the inside of an inn or a castle is as like the sun died? there's a problem


hence why I'm here! can someone please either tweak the light radius's of RLO's interior lights to be bright enough to see the corners of the room! either up the range and brightness of RLO's "lights" inside




can someone make a book mod or something where I can set brightness for when I'm inside or outside?...outside with RLO I have it at default (brightness bar halfway) and its gorgeous! inside however? I have to crank the brightness up to almost max (over 3 quarters full) just to have a nicely lit interior...but it almost destroys the effects that RLO made! so I'm in a bind...I want to enjoy my favorite game again but if I have to pause and adjust brightness every time I go inside or outside? it breaks the immersion and is quite annoying!


RLO is no longer supported from the mod author (sadly) but they gave full permission to edit it at least!


https://sta.sh/2210pyl1tmqu?edit=1 heres some screenies to show what I mean

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