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Skyrim VR; Centaurs would make great followers

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Okay one of the most impressive aspects of VR in general is scale.


From impossibly small objects (if you've played a fishermans tale),

And with skyrim; you can play with player height setting. If you havnt tried changing your player height to be of a different scale that you normally have to the rest of the world, it's pretty wild.


With the idea of scale in mind, having a giant horse woman that I can ride around and swing a sword from is on a further echelon of scale still I think.


Im thinking of it like this, 

(Psst.....by the way I have no knowledge of what Im doing or how these things work but I'm interested in learning very specific things that could help me do this)


Can you change the model, body texture mapping, walking animation, every other animation (me personally I have no scope of that), of a woman NPC built as a follower addon, to be that of a Centaur?

Could you ride that NPC using the same mechanics that horses use?


Im going to try to take some stabs as to how I THINK these things would work.

(All of you that want to tell me how wrong I am, please do. Im sure it will help me? If nothing else your replies of telling me Im wrong will make my thread more popular. Someone might see it.)


So first, how do you ride them? I think there's a console command to "mount" any NPC (or actor ID at all?????)

If you can do that, I imagine it just needs to be a rigged model, or at least the mechanic for "ride teh horse" looks for an attachment point on the actor. So can you just make that information on the Follower NPC?

Then it just comes to animation. And not just as in its undervalued, but I just mean its straight forward (maybe?)


Changing the body mesh I imagine is quasi-easy? I've downloaded a ton of skyrim body mods, never made one. But it looks like body meshes, bone structures, how ever body/bone physics works, and a couple of XML type files to set the parameters of that body. Then put some skin and a texture mapping together? Is that everything?


Animations Im sure will be the most struggle. I for one have very, verrry limited animation experience. But Im thinking, horse ðŽ , A) its animations are for the most part, IN the game. I imagine there's some game modding method that could let you take the animation function values and move them onto the same model that's been pasted below a human. and B. I know you all know how to animate a horse. I know there's dedicated mods to overhauling the entire horse system. There's definitely talent with horse leg parambalation. 


Oh for the record, I have never tried to ride a horse in this VR game. Im not even sure if you can. YET>>>>> CAN I GET A NEW NAUSEATING NEW VR HORSE RIDING GAME? After typing all of this out, my next time playing, Ill try to ride from whiterun to the college of winterhold. I just got a new armor for Lydia and a follower overhaul. Ill take a cross country trip on horseback with my new favorite follower for "old time sake". I'll come back and let you all know if this game has the legs ð´ 


I read the stickies that said this board is for creative space so hopefully this idea is met with creative minds. Like me apparently!


No, I don't want to flock a horse. Sorry if this joke is against board rules, hopefully if it is it will make the mods laugh enough that they just edit it off and let me live. But it had to be said. ð 

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