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A Way to Play as a Christian (or Jew) Quest Mod

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Hello! I have been working on my first mod for Skyrim, which is reformatting the Bible into a collection of books. Before I get into that though, I'd really like to eventually use the books for a mod to play as a Christian.


The idea behind what I'm about to propose is that I want to play Skyrim as a Christian without destroying everything that is Skyrim. I don't know if I would go so far as to call this lore-friendly, but it is as close as you can get.


The story is that all of Tamriel is pagan and by some force of circumstance, Christianity has been kept off of the continent until now. The Dragonborn meets someone outside the temple in Solitude, where they got kicked out for trying to ask the priests about someone called "Krist." Apparently they are looking for someone. When you talk to them you find out that they were a sailor who met someone from a distant continent several months ago, who talked about a greater god, and this sailor has completed his/her contract and wants to find this person again. They know that this person was traveling to Skyrim with a book, and they were looking for other books that had been smuggled in, and that they were all part of a sacred collection. He knows the clue to find the first one (creation story, or perhaps all of Genesis, not sure; Genesis is 6 volumes long so far).


The Dragonborn is invited to help find all of the volumes and hopefully the people who smuggled them into Skyrim. In the end you can build a church(/temple) and perhaps a little town or community of some sort. They can also perform marriage ceremonies there so the Dragonborn has no need to rely on pagan gods.


Before I go on about how this would handle magika and theology, I'll talk a little about the Bible mod I am already making.

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I am not dividing it up like normal, but making the Torah in particular easier to follow, and trying to split it up in a more accessible series without removing any text overall. For example, genealogies, the law, the construction of the tabernacle, and the stories would have their own volumes or collections of volumes. I have more or less completed Genesis, as I said, but also split it up accordingly:

  • Vol. 1 Creation story, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Lamech
  • Vol. 2 The flood, Babel
  • Vol. 3 Abraham: Abraham's intro - getting Rebecca for Isaac
  • Vol. 4 Isaac: Rebecca coming to Isaac - Jacob fleeing Esau
  • Vol. 5 Jacob: Jacob's dream - Joseph's dream
  • Vol. 6 Joseph's dream - Joseph's death


I have been working on the rest of the Torah, which is probably the most difficult part of the Bible to cover. I am also trying to use original names instead of translated names as much as possible, such as Ya'akov instead of Jacob and "Rivqah" instead of "Rebecca" etc. though for "the LORD" I am using the abbreviation YHWH out of respect for those who are uncomfortable using the full spelling, even in His own word (lol). Right now they are just regular books though I am interested in their beautification and I don't have the tools to do that.


So this is what I would appreciate help with right now:

  • Someone to make textures and meshes/items like book covers, amulets, and other unique items. For the moment I really just need the book covers. It'd be cool if we could have pictures in the books too, but not necessary.
  • General technical assistance/a mentor.
  • If this is meant to be, prayer (lol)

What I will need help with later, or now if someone wants to:

  • Creating the church/synagogue/town. I don't care if the church is a humble abode or a cathedral. 
  • Creating at least five people (Bible smugglers and the person you meet at the temple); I want to design one person, maybe two
  • There will need to be some minor magika overhauls. Although I'm perfectly fine with many kinds of magic existing in Skyrim and being used by the "ignorant" people of Skyrim, I think positive magika should only be attributed to God (all good things from the Lord). I have some doable ideas on this, I think, but I'd be glad to discuss it with whoever agreed to help.
  • I do need an idea how to handle bandits and witches in a Christian way, preferably from a Christian (or orthodox Jew lol) who actually knows how to mod powers and enchantments etc. I considered an angel being sent, but idk. I just don't like it seeming too much like the player is controlling God. To some extent we will have to deal with that anyway, but I'd like to minimize the effect as much as possible.
  • Creating the quest, though that seems like the last step. I will need to write the script first.
  • Voice actors, but you'll have to wait until I have written a script so I'm not really looking for that yet.

I don't mind learning how to do things myself! I would love to. It would be nice if someone wanted to take over some parts though, for the sake of time, and I'm not sure what I can do without any image editing software.


I do like technical things, often more than the creative these days, so I'm fine with completing the Bible myself and I would be happy to learn how to do anything else that I am capable of on a tight budget, though I think someone else might have to take over textures and meshes. I don't even mind tedium.


I'm also happy to make a pre-Jesus/Jewish version. Morally speaking, this is slightly easier lol.


If you're seriously interested in helping with this, let me know. I'm going to try to make it on my own if no one helps, but it will take a long time alone. T_T I also may not be able to create the cool items on my own, though I will research it and find out if I can do anything. I want to make cross necklaces, Star of David and/or Menorah necklaces, and maybe some cool items like Aaron's staff, or Goliath's skull and spear or sword, Josephs coat, etc. Though the necklaces are the thing I want the most.



About me:

I am good with stories and creative solutions to problems/solving puzzles. I have a passionate interest in theology and my relationship with Christ; I became a Christian at the age of 8, and I have been a non-prolific writer since the age of 13. I say non-prolific because I have been working on many of the same stories since that age and occasionally have shared them with a few friends and acquired a tiny, tiny fandom of those I've told (other people get glazed eyes because good novels are actually kind of hard to summarize). I believe I have become a good writer so I will write the script for this mod (with help if someone wants). I haven't finished a novel because I have been young, sick, and unable to handle the chaos of life. Now I am older and wiser, my health is starting to stabilize, and my ability to handle chaos has increased due to a certain toddler. I am working on other projects in my spare time these days, but I do spend a lot of time playing Skyrim that could be used for modding it instead.

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Hey so did you ever make this mod you're describing or find a mod like it? I'm hankering for a Christianity mod of any sort, even a mod that just adds a cross necklace would be cool at this point. I can't find anything of the sort. A Christianity mod would be so cool, no matter the size or scope.

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