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Can Someone Please Help With This Please?

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This popped up as an error  while running a Witcher 3 Mod and I can't resolve it because I don't write code. I just want to make the correction with the syntax, paste it back into the file and then re-run the game. I've made the move from console to PC just recently so I'm going into an area that's very new for now. I've managed to clear some of the other errors because they were duplicate classes etc, or an extra parenthesis but they were easier to resolve. Thanks folks!


The error message:


Error [content0]scripts\game\player\r4player.ws(43): syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_EDITABLE, expecting TOKEN_FUNCTION, near 'editable'.


The code is:


editable var delayBetweenIllusionOneliners : float;
hint delayBetweenIllusionOneliners = "delay in secs between oneliners about illusionary objects";
default delayBetweenIllusionOneliners = 5;
There is a syntax error with the first line apparently that needs correcting

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