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CTD On Save (And It Gets Increasingly F***ed)

ctd save load

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So I was on my merry way in Ragnvald, about to take on Otar the Mad. I do a quick save and I got a CTD. I quickly tested and realised that it was happening to any form of save.
I did some research, and this particular fix is popular:
  1. Load an older save (as long as it doesn't have CTD on save glitch)
  2. Create a NEW save (through pause menu)
  3. Type in player.kill
  4. Load your latest save (the one that had CTD glitch)
  5. Type in player.kill
  6. Try saving (I usually just use quicksave)
Okay, so I give it a try. I found two old saves that works. One proper save from wayyyy before. Like two whole quests before. One is an autosave from just the previous room in Ragnvald.
Steps 1 to 4 worked well. But after I do the player.kill on the Glitched Save, I get a CTD when my game reloads. This happened every single time.
I thought, hey maybe something went wrong only for the Glitched Save. So I use that save from the previous room in Ragnvald, and I play through the dungeon again. I get back to the same room and try to save. It works. Maybe things will go well? I take on Otar, loot, get my Word from Word Wall, then I try to save again. Boom. CTD. Now it's Glitched Save 2.
I kept trying to do the same fix, and it still CTDs at Step 5 every time.
On Save 6 (or something, I lost count), I wanted to pinpoint the exact moment where saving starts to cause CTD, because it didn't seem to start the moment I entered the Otar room. I made another save, and I walked further, and before I could reach the original point in Glitch Save 1, my game CTD-ed on its own. Without me even saving. Glitched Save 7?
I reloaded again, and now my game crashes right after I load a save. I don't even know if that was a Safe Save or a Glitched Save. Doesn't even matter, does it?
I gave up at this point and didn't bother starting up Skyrim anymore. As of this post, I have no idea if the crash on load was a one-time thing or now permanent. Or if I will crash simply by approaching Otar's coffin again. I have no clue.
This went from a common crash on save issue, which most people could save with the dying fix, to some weird ass situation where I'm just crashing just by loading into the game.
What the **** is going on? I'm really sick and tired of my game going into a terminal CTD disease for no goddamn reason at all and forcing me to restart.
Now I still have the save from two whole quests before I mentioned since the two quests weren't really major ones.
I could go back to it, abort my original route, continue playing my main questline, and pray to the Nine Divines and the Seventeen Daedric Princes that this issue doesn't come up again, but I'd prefer not to.




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Dunno if it'll help or not, but have you run fallrim tools on the save files to clean out leftover garbage?

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