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Idle animation list

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If you've ever worked with NPCs, you probably know that you can assign idle animation during dialog, packages, any time you want really.
Problem is there's too damn many and they aren't kept in any kind of order.

Here's a list I've been assembling over the past... while. Contains most of what I'd consider "desirable" idles. Most regular dialog ones are emitted (that play when you select use emotion animation), though some are included, ones that I like to trigger on demand.

Be warned, not all of these will work in every given situation. During dialog is the most problematic. You've just gotta experiment. Luckily, assigning bad idles doesn't break anything.

Also, add your own if you have em.


HeadUpGreet - casual "sup" kinda head nod | DIALOG
DanceMaleFidget04 - posings, flexing biceps | DIALOG
PushUps01 - performs six push ups | DIALOG
NVDrunkWallLeanA - inebriated, holding self up on wall | DIALOG
PanicGrenadePlant - panics and pats self down
3rdPSpecialIdleStimpak - uses a stimpak | COMBAT
LoosePickUpGroundObject - picks object up off the floor
ttpColAutumTalkB - point at player
ttpColAutumHandBehindTalk - hands clasped behind back
ttnpcHappyArmsLooseListenA - shakes arms whilst nodding, like gearing up for a fight | DIALOG
CowerIdles - cowers on the ground
NVNPCDrunWalk - drunk staggering walk | DIALOG
2hLoiter - stand with two handed weapon drawn, looking around
2hLoiterOneHanded - same as above, weapon help up against shoulder
2hShiftWeight - loosen up whilst standing with 2h weapon
2hCrouch - slowly enters crouch with 2h weapon equipped
2hAlertScan - looks around with 2h weapon equipped
NPCSmokingIdle - smokes | DIALOG
Swatting - swats bug on back of neck | DIALOG
PickingNose - scratches nose with left hand | DIALOG
PickingNose02 - wipes nose with right arm | DIALOG
BitingNails - casually bites nails on left hand | DIALOG
ScratchingSelf - scratches left leg | DIALOG
ScratchingSelf02 - brushes off right shoulder | DIALOG
DLCPIttHarassSlavec - "move, move!" gesture wih right arm
DLCPittHarassSlaveb - left hand on hip, giving orders with right hand
DLCPittHarassSlavea - berating someone whilst holding a 2h weapon
LooseTalkHeadNotNeutral - casual nod | DIALOG
LooseTalkHeadShakeNeutral - casually shakes head | DIALOG
LooseTalkHeadShakeSad - looks at floor and shakes head | DIALOG
LooseMTClanandPoint - clasps hands and points, sort of "you the man!" kind of way | DIALOG
LooseDefensiveIdleA - "no no no..." motion with hands | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleA230 - raises hands whilst talking | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleC285 - looks at ground whilst explaining something | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleD094 - confidently talking, shifts weight whilst raising arms | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleE107 - sweeping motion with left arm, "everyone here!" or "alla this crap!" | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleF038 - same as above, sweeps the other way | DIALOG
LooseTalkBHPreachIdleH203 - shifts weight and raises arms high | DIALOG
LooseStandingMourning - head down, hands clasped, hunched over | DIALOG
LooseCheeringOneArmUp - punches air with right fist
LooseCheeringClapping - claps and cheers with right arm raised
LooseCheering2HA - same as above but with 2h weapon equipped
LooseSalute - full military salute | DIALOG
LooseLaughAndPoint - points and laughs whilst holding stomach
LooseBeckoningToChildB - leaning over, talking to a child, or maybe a dog
LooseWildAnryAtSomeone - gestruing heavily with hands wilst shaking head
LooseThumbPointRight - lazily point to the right with right arm | DIALOG
LooseReadPaperOnHandA - reads something held in right hand
LoosePointingAlert - points forward with left arm | DIALOG
LoosettpAskForHelpA - desperately asking for help | DIALOG
LooseCallForHelpA - beckons with left arm and waves, "get over here!"
LooseScaredListenA - arms crossed, legs buckled, childlike scared posed
MS11ShieldsEyes - shields eyes with left arm
MS03TourGuide04 - gestures at object to left with both arms
MS05TourGuide03 - same as above, more pezaz
MS05TourGuide02 - gestures at object ti right with both arms
MS04TourGuide01 - alt to above
Loose2HATalkAngry - talk aggresively whilst holding 2h weapon
LooseGenuineLaughter - light laugh | DIALOG
LooseJollyLaugh - heavier laugh | DIALOG
LooseHandsUpNoHarm - "i don't want no trabble!"
LooseLazySalute - lazy salute, doesn't stand to attention | DIALOG
LooseGesturePointBehind - points behind self with left arm | DIALOG
LooseFingerUp - "one last chance" or "i'm number one!" | DIALOG
LooseLookingAround - scans surroundings | DIALOG
LoosePointAtSelf - casually points at self with right arm | DIALOG
LooseFingerToLips - shhhhh | DIALOG
LooseShoulderShrug - kinda like, "ugghhh", looks at floor, not a casual "i dunno" shrug | DIALOG
LooseHandUpStop - Halt! | DIALOG
LooseWaveHello - lazy wave with right hand, rather feminine
LooseHandsOnHeart - both hands to heart, feminine
LooseMiddleFinger - FU | DIALOG
LooseOneHandUp - looking for a high five | DIALOG
LooseWaveHelloShort - single wave, looks more like a goodbye
LooseShoutA - hands around mouth, as if shouting to someone far away
LooseCryingStandingA - crying, rather dramatically
LooseCryingStandingB - same as above, not as dramatic
MS2GreatJobKid - cocks 2h weapon three times, gives a thumbs up
LooseNPCGiving - right arm, takes item from back pocket, gives it to someone | DIALOG
LooseNPCTaking - swipes item with right arm | DIALOG
LooseSneezing - bless you | DIALOG
LooseTalkRHPontDown - points at ground, like, "you're out of line!" or "this is the place."
NVOpeningThug02Idle - wide stance, weapon in right hand. dramatic cowboy-esque pose
NVDieingSoldier - on floor in pain, holding stomach
NVWildAngryC - agressive gesturing, most dramatic angry idle

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Good list!

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