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Fixing NPCs in Imperial Province (and Black Marsh)

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Any Arena modders out there want to try fixing the Imperial Province's NPCs to make them more like the Imperials from the later games? I have a two-step plan in mind to make that possible.


1: Replace the dark-skinned Redguard sprites that they use with the light-skinned human sprites used by Bretons and Nords.

2: Swap the name lists of the Imperial Province and Black Marsh (Argonian) NPCs. I think it's odd that the Imperial Province's NPCs all have weird "monster" names, while the Argonians all have Greco-Roman names, when it wound up being the other way around in all the sequels.


If there's one mod that I'd make to Arena (other than getting rid of the save game limits) to make it more consistent with the rest of the series, it would be this. So if anyone could get around to it, it would be much appreciated.

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