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Talkin' 'bout Star Trek?

star trek

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So Fallout New Vegas is the very first Fallout game I have ever played on PC. It also happens to be the first Bethesda engine game I've played on PC and finally the fourth game I've played on PC. It's fair to say, I'm pretty new to this.

However what shocked and disappointed me was the lack of Star Trek mods for New Vegas. I mean, you have two cool weapons from DMagnus then a few others of questionable quality. Then off site on ModDb I believe is a captain kirk follower mod which is cool, but rather more a William Shatner parody acting like Kirk (I mean the file is called THE SHAT).

Might I remind some of you that Star Trek is [semi] Canon! Yes there was indeed an Easter Egg in Fallout 2 featuring a crashed TOS shuttle called Torres, with two dead red shirts with loot able Hypos. I in the very least expected to find a mod recreating that Easter Egg with a high quality shuttle model that's enterable with loot able gear. Again I'm aware of a lesser quality mod that does a similar thing, however it's outdated and I nor many others can seem to get it to work.

What I would love is for someone to expand on the Kirk follower and implent some quests with various loot, perhaps even a custom enterprise themed interior. Player home?

Whatever comes from you reading this, I hope that I encourage, nay implored you to implement more Star Trek content! There has to be a large overlap of Trek fans and Fallout fans. Where's my fellow Trekkies at?

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