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Reanimation for the manwell carbine/rifle

animation reanimation weapons manwell bug fallout 4

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I wont criticise the weapon model and textures as they're excellent, but bethesdas laziness is disgusting with the implementation of this weapon. It reuses the combat rifle animations which dont actually fit the gun, you end up with a floating hand that doesnt grip the front of the gun and you dont grip the charge handle properly when reloading which makes the weapon looks horrid in first person. Hoping someone will make custom animations for it as bethesda probably wont.



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Heyas Fairview!

Ok, there might be a problem here.  Which if so, would mean that the mod would only be able to be used for personal use.

I don't have that mod, as I refuse to install any kind of creation crud into my game.

However, from experience with other gun mods, IF the manwell weapon is by default, set to use the combat rifle animation settings, that is a setting in the esp/esl file.  Creating a different animation for it, would mean making an override of the esp/esl file.  To change the animation used, to replace it with the name of the new animation.

Now, because Bethesda has already loaded all the files necessary for the mod, onto our computers, the only thing missing from them, to make them working mods, is the esp/esl files, which you have to pay to get.


If we distribute a working esp/esl file for the creation club stuff, we are violating Beth's TOS as well as the nexus TOS.



Now, while normally, I would suggest to simply go in and alter the setting for the animation that is used, in the esP file, I have heard that the CC esL files are highly resistant to change.  So while I don't know if that would work or not.... a person could  for PERSONAL USE NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION, make an override copy of the weapon, with the altered entry for the animation to use.   And just play around with using different anims that may work better with the model of that weapon.


Edit- short version: We can't make this and share it.  But you can make it yourself in the creation kit, or in FO4edit, for your own game, but you can't share it.

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