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[Mod request] Form-fitting Kaer Morhen Armor

request mod armor cosmetic replacer retexture

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The Kaer Morhen Armor's wonderful design is the reason why I - like many others - use a cosmetic replacer mod to make all witcher gear appear like Geralt's default armor. However, there is one flaw in the design of the chestpiece itself that has always been bugging me out so much that I'd give anything for a mod that would address the issue.


As becomes especially obvious when switching between the first two attached images, there is no way in hell the Kaer Morhen Armor would line up the way it does - while still boasting a gambeson as another layer underneath, mind you - without squeezing Geralt's natural corpus to the point where he would have significant trouble breathing, let alone fighting or even moving comfortably. The jacket does leave enough space on Geralt's back and his sides (see third image), but literally no space at all on his abdomen and lower chest area.


If anyone out there with the necessary modding skills were to take pity on my plight and fix the Kaer Morhen Armor to finally give Geralt some breathing space, I shall be forever grateful.

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