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Making a Mercenaries Mod, need Help.

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I am attempting to make a new mod based around mercenaries. I want to start small with a follower that has the ability to hire mercenaries for you. I know there are other mods like this but I want to spice mine up with the feature that once a week the mercenaries charge you for their services again. I would also if possible like to make the mercenaries leveled, with cheap mercs being roughly around common bandit level and gear and high quality mercs being up to bandit chieftain levels and gear. This is my starter goal. I am looking for advice and video links on how I might do this.

I plan to eventually add much more, including a quest for the companion and recording voice lines for some characters. perhaps more such as a mercenary guild hall the player can build, or more followers and unique mercs. If I can I will attempt to get the mod to a similar (though much smaller) state and the Dragonborn museum mod.

I also plan on dividing up the mercs into warrior, ranger, and mage. Then picking the tier, rookies, competent, seasoned. I am terrible at coding so I need a fair bit of help for scripting if needed, otherwise I am still learning the creation kit so if you know any shortcuts or have advice on how I can get it done please let me know.

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