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Sugestions for building new settlements

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Here is my suggestions for building new settlements.


Keep you buildings below 3 stories (skyscrapers will fill up low-process background scans of your settlements)


Find where enemies come at settlements using bullet time mod (so that you have to mark their locations), build turret around those areas , pay special attention to where enemies spawn in areas like gardens ... move the plants or get rid of them... then build around such areas or wall them off with turrets.


Bramin and other creature like to teleport next to the player... sit down on stairs... and lay down in the very middle of crowds of people even if it is the 3rd or 4th floor of a settlement. I suggest putting them in water... because they get stuck in water.... or turning off their AI... Preferable after sticking them in water.


Side Note *If you stick chickens or rabbits underwater they drown in this game... but if you stick rad-stags underwater they breath the water without dying....

Side note *If you stick a certain irritable companion robot that kept bugging you to join to the point of actually pushing you off a stair then blocking the stair, and put him underwater, then turn off his AI, he will stay there till the area gets attacked .... then his AI will turn on and he will escape the water...



Enemys always need a way into your settlement.... If it is completely closed off they will just teleport in.

The path doesn't have to be nice though you can make it maze like on the first floor and normal on the second floor.


Turrets can have extended range by being on the second floors always put turrets up high...


The more stuff you have built the longer the load time, It make take a while for turrets to start attack.... sometimes turrets wont attack at all till enemys either attack you, or the turret gets hit by a bullet, or attack a settler.  I once saw a Super Mutant kill 3 turrets on the ground before they started fireing at him....

DO NOT place turrets on the ground where they can be Hit with just a baseball bat.




Do not build "GLASS" skyscrapers.... Glass has refraction... It eats away at frames rates.


Separate rooms by walls if you are building wide rooms.

This is so you dont "render" wide areas.


The hanging bulb is the most render friendly, because it doen't cast shadows.

The vanilla square office lights are also pretty render friendly.


(You have not seen frame rate drops till you make a 8 story building with Institude windows, then fully light it with shadow type lights, then try looking at it from outside)


Gunners tend to not be recognized by turrets till they are shot at or they shoot a settler.

Ghouls have a lunging attack that avoids bullets now and are the fastest creatures of the wasteland traveling several hundred feet in one lunge.

Robots can strife left and right faster than alien weapons blob shots, (also certain other enemies) making shots out of vats irritating.

Super Mutants are still stupid and slow... You only have to worry about the one holding the nuke...


Knowing all the traits of your enemy now counts in defense of settlements and gun emplacement, and what weapons you should pick for arming your settlers.


For arming settlers you should not use rocket launchers....

Bullets are better than lasers in this game...and they feel like they were Nerf-ed beyond realism...

The vanilla armor options are pretty low key as well...


For armor and weapon  I suggest abandoning the vanilla system and using mods.



The more settlements you have with lots of stuff the more your low-process handling queue fills up (and low-midprocessing) these processes are what turns on your turrets though.

After you have made 4-5 settlements with too much stuff the game can get buggy and the game should have really spent more time pre-loading than what it does.

If this is the case you may want to press escape and let the processes catch up or use bullet time and walk around a bit till turrets turn on.



If you have enemies spawning into your base on fast travel you should move your spawn location using the fast travel mat.



Get to vault 88 as soon as possible, then set the projects made for maximum happiness and add them to your settlements.

(The power bike 1000 is worthless I set it to electric shock just for laughs then just dont ever add it to my settlements)


There is a mod for almost everything get one for ramps.... I recommend DD productions and ground.



Save your game often.


Saving the game then reloading will fix alot of buggyness.



Side notes:

*Learning the console command to kill all hostile is nessisary to finish some quests because enemys can spawn in walls....

*Some people in quests can't be talked to unless they are sitting down...

*Some people in quests can't be talked to unless they are standing....


If all else fails when reaching encountering a bug in a quest... set the quest to the next quest stage via console commands.


Console commands everyone should learn:


Moveto   - move reference to a set location

Additem  - add reference item to an inventory

Removeitem - remove reference item a inventory

Equipitem - Equip item to an inventory

Unequipitem - Unequip an item from an inventory
placeatme - Place an 'actor' at a specified location

openactorcontainer 1 - Open any specified 'actors' inventory

Showinventory - Shows an actors complete inventory, even showing hidden items like the pipboy or even hidden or locked items.

Help - gives help on a given word..... Use quotes on multiple words

Setscale - make a fake size for an actor if you jump your head wont touch the roof though, showing your size is still the same.... Setsize works but only in the library??

changesex - male or female

Showlooksmenu.. cheaper than plastic surgery

player.tcl  - toggle collision menu.... only works if you have nothing seleted

tfc - toggle free camera..... move your camera anywhere ... good for showing the looks menu to change your character look or to see the full map of the area to find that one enemy stuck in the wall.


Kill - kill the seleted

KAH - kill all hostile


Markfordelete - good for removeing bodies that just won't scrap

disable - good for removeing bodies that dont work with mark for delete..... (WARNING save before use... and if you disable something didn't want to disable type "ENABLE" immidately before you select something different)

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Hello from Greece and happy new year.


About enemies attack the settlements -if someone use almost 80 mods- there are some mods add more enemies or civilians, so all those  new npc can attack the enemies of the settlements. i use robot home defense mod and i don't build to many turrets because after the attack, i must fix them. Also there is a mod put patrols of all factions in the game.


i think setters don't have to much intelligence so they can help, while a settlement have problem from enemies.


Also the best plan, is to build the floors as close is possible to ground, so the enemies don't get stuck under, make them impossible to deal. or just open the console and go attack them.


the first thing someone must do, after start a new game is going to Diamond city and buy, spray n' pray from the trader outside. there are so many cheat codes to get money and ammo.


That's all. Thanks.

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