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Racemenu female heads look weird

racemenu presets bug sse

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For some reason female faces in my racemenu look silly. Those are kinda rounded. Like baloons. It happens to all standart face presets making difficult to create normal faces as it requires first of all to fix the mess on the heads. For me it seems like wrong sculpt. Tried finding out the mod affecting - nothing. Only female faces are affected. I use cbbe and also Botox Skyrim, which did affect those in LE but in a nice way. Disabling it won't help anyways. Anyone had same issue? Or maybe there is something that can override built-in face presets?



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Examples? Are you using one of those "Citrus head" models? Or are you talking about the vanilla faces? The vanilla faces are (imo) quite unattractive, and often absurd caricatures (ie elves for instance...never once saw an image of an elf over 59 years of living that looked anything like the ugly, stretched headed, pointy chinned, Highly slanted-eye things that pass for "standard" elves in this game but appear more like passably attractive monsters) 


First, you can use racemenu to improve the defaults. My original character (female nord) was as ugly as sin, nor did she look anything like any real-life person of pure or partial Nordic heritage that I've ever met or seen in images.. almost as if this was all done through the eyes of people completely unfamiliar with the cultures they intended to represent, so I spent quite a while with racemenu, tweaking until I got a ~pretty face a bit like Jessica Biel's (not intentionally, she just turned out that way based on the starting model)


(Secondly) ... So about a month and a half ago, I downloaded a racemenu presets grouping. I figured I might try seeing what they looked like on my character or I might use one in a new game. Well, the images provided by the presets author didn't look anything like what I ended up with once I applied one to my character. In fact, none of the dozen or so presets provided by the downloaded .jslots (racemenu presets) looked like the images provided in the mod page. 


While I can't say with any real authority, since I'm guessing my way through this game for the most part, it appears to me that applying a racemenu preset (ie a Nexus or other source downloaded preset)  simply modifies what your existing character already has, ie, it melds the two together, rather than replacing your settings with the new preset. So now, I have this melded face of a quasi Jessica Biel Nord and some little brunette Breton pixie.  Looks nothing like either my original "Jessica Biel-ish" or the author's R248 Breton model, but she's cute, and whomever created it knows how to apply makeup, which I don't (I'm a guy with few or no "feminine" skills), and the resultant new face is prettier than my original attempts,  (I like pretty women... what can I say?) so I kept her for my main female play vector (interestingly enough, the application of the preset also auto-magically turned her into a blonde, even though my character *was a brunette and so was the R248 preset I applied. Weird, but ok, I'm getting used to odd things happening in Skyrim)


So... If you feel adventurous, you could download a racemenu presets grouping, apply them to your character one by one until you find one that's appealing, and see how that goes. If so, I'd recommend doing so with an older save so that you can find your "right" without potentially screwing up your most recent save...until you find that "right" if indeed you do find it). Once you find "right" you can save that as a custom racemenu preset, then open your latest play vector (ie your latest save) and apply the preset to your character, save the game, and you should be good to go. IFF you're so inclined.


edited for content and typos like always 



PS> I just noticed that this is an LE forum. I don't think that it makes any difference in terms of "how racemenu works" etc or the citrus head (round) thing, but in case it does, please take my post with a grain of salt and whatever apologies are necessary. I figure that the advise still stands but I could easily be wrong. Best wishes.



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You probably applied race menu script to it, remove it, it will go back normal, or use some other feature to alter a head.


Go to the last tab were you sculpt, and reset it, removed applied scripts etc.  


The applied script is persistent in your game save too. So if it beats you resetting it back to default, you need to start a new Game.




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I hope i'm not reviving a dead thread, even if I am the OP didn't mention if the issue was fixed so il post this in case some else with the same problem stumbles upon this thread.


Most the female head presets you will find on the nexus make use of the vanilla facegen morphs, to put it more clearly: the shape of the nose, mouth etc. These facegen morphs, although they can still create a good looking character, are very blocky when viewed up close.


There are mods out there such as 'Expressive Facegen Morphs' which vastly improve the shape quality of these morphs. Although the example pictures on their nexus pages look very appealing, you need to understand that they are not compatible with presets based on vanilla morphs, and that replacing facegen morphs with these and then trying to apply one of these preset mods will result in strange looking faces (stretched mouths, bloated faces etc).


The point of these mods is to make a new custom face from the ground up, not to be used along side presets for a quick and easy character creation.


In short, make sure you have none of these 'non vanill' facegen morph mods installed before you try to apply these presets.


Note: Remember if you change the vanilla preset in racemenu after having applied a custom preset you will get similar graphic oddities. Once you have created you characters face save it as a new preset and do not change the vanilla presets again.

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